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Will the car stop faster if the brakes fail and the engine stalls immediately? Is there any other better operation?

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     Everyone should understand how to stop a car if the brakes fail. Most people don't use it, so if they encounter it, they can stay calm. Some people say that the engine can be turned off immediately to stop outputting power, and the car will stop quickly, won't it? Doing so can stop the car, but it is not the fastest and safest way. For an automatic transmission, turning off the engine is equivalent to coasting in neutral. The transmission and engine are not connected, and if the speed is fast, the coasting distance will be very long. Obviously, turning off the engine cannot be used.

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For cars with manual transmission, simply turn off the engine in gear, so that the engine no longer outputs power. The wheels drive the engine to rotate through the gearbox. The compression stroke of the engine requires a large amount of energy, coupled with the operation of various accessories, which can give the car a reverse braking force. The car stops faster than an automatic car, but this is not the fastest. Because the gear is still in the highest gear, the lower the gear, the better the engine braking effect.

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  How to operate it best? Do not turn off the engine, whether it is in manual or automatic mode. As long as you release the throttle, the engine will not continue to transmit power to the transmission at high speeds. But instead, the gearbox is running in reverse, and the engine is equivalent to applying braking force to the car. The lower the gear, the stronger the braking force, so we should also lower the gear in a timely manner. Manual parking is easy to downshift, and you can downshift from fifth gear to fourth gear and then to third gear, gradually descending until you reach first gear. Why can't you just downshift to first gear because the speed is too fast, the gears don't match, and it's not easy to shift in. Automatic transmission can be switched to manual mode and downshifts can be performed one by one, but the gears and vehicle speed do not match, and the transmission will not perform downshifting operations.

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    With downshifting, the handbrake also needs to be utilized. If it is an electronic handbrake, the handbrake button can be pulled up for a long time to rely on the handbrake to brake, so that the car can stop quickly. If it is a mechanical handbrake, it can also be pulled, but it should be slowly and gradually pulled up. Pulling too much at a time can cause the rear wheels to lock and shake, which is very dangerous. While operating these, the direction must be well controlled, ensuring that the vehicle does not collide with obstacles.

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       If the driver stalls directly in a panic, there is also a risk of not being able to move in the direction, in addition to slowing down the speed, mainly due to the use of hydraulic assistance in automatic blocking. If the engine stops running, the booster pump will stop working, and there will be no assistance in the direction. The steering direction will be very heavy, even unable to move. It is impossible to avoid other vehicles or obstacles, making accidents more likely to occur. If the vehicle stalls and the key is directly pulled out, the steering wheel will be locked and cannot be turned with any amount of force, which is the most dangerous. Lastly, do a thorough inspection of the vehicle during regular maintenance, including all components of the brake system. If any potential components are identified and replaced in a timely manner, there will be no brake failure.

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