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Do you know how to turn left in the waiting area? When should I enter?

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It is common to have a left turn waiting area, which can be set up at slightly larger intersections. If the left turn is a red light, vehicles turning left at intersections without a waiting area should stop waiting at the stop line in front of the sidewalk. Intersections with a waiting area can cross the stop line and move forward for a while, basically reaching the center of the intersection. There is also a stop line at the end of the waiting area, where you can wait to turn left. The left turn waiting area is actually a section of the left turn lane that extends forward. Nowadays, there are not only left turn waiting areas, but also waiting areas for some through lanes. When the through traffic signal is about to turn green, walking ahead for a while to enter the waiting area can allow more vehicles to pass through the intersection. Today we will mainly talk about the issue of the left turn waiting area, when should we enter?

Left turn waiting area (1)

The left turn waiting area is not always accessible, and there are strict regulations on the timing of entry. Entering early will be considered as running a red light and will affect the passage of other vehicles. At intersections that require turning, the traffic lights must be set to go straight with a green light and then turn left with a green light. When to enter, you also look at the traffic lights. When the traffic light is green, you can enter the waiting area. Because entering when going straight does not have any impact on the passage of straight vehicles, you can immediately turn left after completing the straight journey. If the straight ahead signal is red, it cannot be entered because the opposite direction may be straight ahead, which will affect the traffic of vehicles in the opposite direction. Going straight requires waiting at the stop line at a red light, and turning to a green light will allow you to enter.

Left turn waiting area (2)

The purpose of setting up a waiting area is to increase the storage capacity of vehicles in the left turn lane and increase traffic efficiency. Generally, a waiting area can accommodate four or five vehicles, which means that at least four or five more vehicles need to pass through a signal light. This is very helpful for improving traffic efficiency. So it is also not advisable not to enter when it is time to do so, which goes against the original intention of designing the waiting area. If one car in front does not enter, all cars in the back will be blocked and unable to enter, resulting in reduced traffic efficiency. Some novice drivers are like this, not knowing when to enter and simply not entering. They turn left when the left turn signal is on, and even honking the horn to remind the rear car is useless. They may not know what the waiting area is.

Left turn waiting area (3)

What does the waiting area look like? Looking ahead from the left turn lane, there is also an extended lane drawn with dotted lines, which will be marked in Chinese characters as the left turn waiting area. Some did not write Chinese characters, but drew a left turn arrow, which is also the left turn waiting area. And the waiting area has a certain length, with a stop line at the end. If the lane does not extend, naturally there is no waiting area at the intersection. Some intersections, although extended, do not have left turn arrows, left turn waiting areas, or stop lines. This is not a waiting area, so do not enter easily. This may be a left turn directional lane, as shown in the above figure. This lane line is designed to indicate the direction of travel for vehicles and usually appears at irregular intersections.

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