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Some car owners have encountered this problem, where if the car is left idle for a few days, the battery will run out of battery and cannot start. Some cars run out of battery after being left for 10 days, so I went to the 4S store to check if there were any malfunctions. Some cars have malfunctions



6 tips for using automotive air conditioning
1. When to turn on the air conditioning. In summer, the temperature inside the car is very high after being exposed to direct sunlight. Even when driving after work, the heat inside the car cannot be dissipated for a short period of time, and the car is still very hot. Firstly, open the car door or



Can we use tap water instead of running out of car glass water?
The car is frequently used, and windshield water is a frequently added liquid. When the windshield is dirty, it can only be wiped clean with water spray. Dry wiping not only fails to clean it, but also damages the wiper blades. Most people will buy their own glass water to add, while a small number



During summer driving, these 5 checks should be done well
Driving in summer is slightly different from other seasons. When the temperature is high in summer, cars may also experience some summer specific or high incidence faults, such as high water temperature and cold air conditioning, which are very common faults in summer. People are afraid of heat and



What's wrong with water inside the headlights? What is the impact?
Every time it rains or after washing the car, some cars will have water droplets inside the headlights, while others will be mild and only have some fog. In fact, this is abnormal and is caused by the poor sealing of the headlights. Under normal circumstances, no matter how heavy the rain or washing



What harm does adding substandard gasoline have to the engine? Can a particularly cheap oil be used?
The fuel cost of a car is the highest in terms of operating costs. Fifty cents per kilometer is considered fuel-efficient, while high fuel consumption can reach one yuan per kilometer. Driving ten thousand kilometers requires ten thousand yuan in fuel costs. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of
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