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28T JOST Type Landing Gear with S-foot for Heavy Duty Semi Trailer


Product Description

28T JOST type landing gear with S-foot for heavy duty semi trailer:

JOST landing gear (1)

Item No.


Static Load

Lifting Speed

Lifting Travel

Mounting Height


Foot type




























1. Production  :

28T JOST type landing gear for heavy duty semi trailer with S-foot

24T, 25T, 28T, 32T, 35T loading capacity landing gear

2. Landing gear type:

FUWA type, SAF-HOLLAND type, JOST type,

3. Gearbox type:

Gearbox inside, Gearbox outside,  long mounting plate

4. Operation:

Single side operation, Double sides operation,

5. Support foot type:

T-Shoe, A-Shoe, S-Shoe, R-Shoe are available

6. Related parts:

Landing gear shoe, universal crank, connect bar, gearbox

7. Related Certificate:

American TTMA and AAR, German safety regulations for commercial vehicles

8. Color

Red, shinning black, dark black, grey, blue, As requirement.

9. Warranty:

12 months since shipping date.

10. Related Certificate:


11. Lead time:

About 10~15 Working Days

Landing gear (1)

What's the semi trailer landing gear or landing leg ?

Trailer landing gear, also known as semi-trailer landing gear, contains left and right parts, and is one of the common trailer accessories. The general lifting stroke of the trailer leg is 430mm(17 inch) or 480mm(19inch), and the rated load capacity of the landing leg includes 24 tons, 25 tons, 28 tons, 32 tons, and 35 tons. Its function is to support the semi-trailer after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor.

Landing gear (5)

The structure of the trailer landing leg:

The trailer leg has a simple structure, and its main components include a two-speed gearbox, a support sleeve, a support rod, a drive screw (rocker), and a support foot.

Types of semi trailer landing legs:

Semi Trailer landing legs are divided into single-acting type and linkage-acting type. Among them, the single-acting landing gear means that both sides are operated separately, there are two cranks, and each leg is equipped with a gear box. linkage-acting landing gear refer to lifting on both sides by unilateral operation. There is only one crank, which is composed of one leg with a gear box and another leg without a gear box.

Landing gear (2)

Features of single-acting landing gear:

There is a gear box on each leg of this type of landing gear, which is divided into gearbox inside and gearbox outside. Through two cranks, it can be independently lifting and lowering. And gears have two speeds, high and low speed. Generally, both high and low speed gears can be used when semi trailer unloading ,when semi trailer with heavy loading A low-speed gear must be used. This type landing gear is the most basic traditional landing leg, which is highly adaptable and can be used on both flat and uneven ground.


Features of linkage-acting landing gear:

This type of landing gear has only one gearbox. Through a crank, the left and right legs can be lifting and lowering at the same time. The gearbox also have two speeds, high and low speed. The lifting efficiency has been doubled, but this kind of landing gear is only suitable for flat roads. On uneven roads, the support surface must be kept basically level by the cushion block.

Landing gear (4)

The function of the trailer landing gear:

The function of the trailer landing gear is to support the parking of the semi-trailer when the tractor is disengaged from the semi-trailer. In order to adapt to the change of the height of the semi-trailer, the landing gear is equipped with a spiral lifting mechanism, so that the semi-trailer and the tractor can be connected and separated smoothly.

When the tractor leaves, the landing gear need to be lowered down to support the weight of part of the semi-trailer, so that the semi-trailer can reach the ground in a balanced manner. When the tractor is docked with the semi-trailer, the landing gear need to be lifting up. When driving, the landing legs are about 300mm above the ground.

Landing gear (8)

Landing gear (6)

The Production process of semi-trailer landing gear:

1. Steel plate material, 2. Material cutting, 3. Hole punching, 4. Tube welding, 5. Forming, 6. Painting, 7. Assembling, 8. Packing.

Landing gear (7)

Features of WONDEE Landing gear / Landing leg: 
1: 15 Years landing gear producing experience

2: Workshop and warehouse 's area about 20,000M2

3: Have more than 100 sets of production machines

4: Annual capacity reach 60,000 sets 

5: Have more than 54 oversea customers

6: We have serviced to CIME 12 years

7: Parts production rate reach 90%+

8: The factory passed China Environmental Protection Certification, ensure the producing without break.

WONDEE supply various kinds of trailer landing gear more than 20 years: 

Landing gear (3)

In addition to supplying different types of Semi trailer Landing gear , WONDEE also Supply different types of semi trailer components as below: 



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