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How long can a car be parked and not driven at most?

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Many people who have bought a car and haven't driven it for a long time are around, and many cars remain stationary for a long time in underground garages and on the roadside in various communities. Everyone knows that cars are not easy to break down when driven for a long time, and they are actually prone to damage when left unused for a long time. Many items are actually like this. For example, if a taxi is driven all day and rarely encounters problems, the probability of entering a repair shop is higher if the same car is left idle all day. Why does it also break when left alone, and how long can it last at most? If parking is necessary, how can the damage to the car be reduced? Today we will talk about the issue of long-term parking of cars.

Long time parking (1)

Firstly, we need to know which components will be affected by long-term storage in order to achieve reasonable avoidance and reduce harm. The biggest impact is on the battery, even if the car is turned off and locked, there are still some electronic components working, such as the anti-theft system. Many components will discharge current even if they are not working, just like when a phone is turned off, the battery will gradually decrease. Therefore, after a long period of time, the battery will be used up, causing a loss of battery life. Loss of battery life can cause significant damage to the battery and greatly shorten its lifespan. 2. The tires and various suspension components will be affected because if the tire remains stationary for a long time, it will land on the ground one by one. Prolonged pressure on this point will cause deformation of the tire and steel rim, and there is also a possibility of deformation of the suspension components. 3. Various electronic modules and sensors may be damaged due to moisture if not powered on for a long time. Just like ordinary electronic devices, a mobile phone is fine to use all day long. If it runs out of battery and is left for a year, it may not be able to turn on. Cars are the same, if parked in areas with high humidity, it is more likely to accelerate damage to electronic devices.

Long time parking (2)

If you want to park the car without affecting it, it is generally recommended to park it for no more than 20 days. Turn on the ignition and run it for five or six minutes every 20 days, even if you don't drive, move it back and forth on the parking space, turn the direction, or drive out of the parking space and then reverse it to eliminate the adverse effects of parking. Of course, it's best to drive out for a lap when you have time.

Long time parking (3)

If you don't have time to drive and can't find anyone else to help, you can only keep parking. Before parking, do two things. One is to disconnect the negative pole of the battery cable, which can almost completely eliminate the impact on the battery. The battery is no longer powered and can be left for two months without any problem. But after disconnecting the battery cable, the remote control cannot be used to lock the car, and the mechanical key can only be used to lock the car. The anti-theft system also does not work, and the car should be parked in a safe location. The second is to inflate the tire pressure a bit higher, and keeping it for a long time will gradually reduce the pressure, which is faster than driving it all day. Just like when buying a new car, if the production date is too long and the tire pressure is insufficient, it needs to be inflated. If the tire pressure is too low and the deformation of the tire sidewalls is too large, it will cause greater damage to the tire. In addition, when parking for a long time, do not add too much gasoline. Gasoline also has a shelf life and may spoil over time. Continuing to use spoiled gasoline is also not good for the engine. So don't store too much gasoline in the fuel tank, a small amount of gasoline won't have a significant impact.

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