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Can you use child locks on cars? How many do you know about the hidden functions on cars?

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Nowadays, many drivers can only drive away and are not familiar with the functions on the car. Some even cannot understand the basic air conditioning switches, and various comfort configurations, such as seat heating and ventilation, are not adjustable. Today we are going to talk about several practical small features on the car that can also play a significant role in specific situations. Every driver should understand them.

1. Children's lock. Many novice drivers are unaware of the existence of child locks, let alone how to use them. At 4S dealerships, there are often new cars where the doors cannot be opened from the inside but can be opened from the outside. It is believed that the car lock has malfunctioned, but upon inspection, the child lock was accidentally opened. All vehicles have child locks, of course only the rear doors have them, and not the front doors. The position of the children's lock is on the side of the car door, which is easy to see when opening the door. Some are switches that can be easily opened and closed by hand, while others are knobs that require auxiliary tools such as keys to rotate. After the child lock is opened, the car door cannot be opened from the inside and can only be opened from the outside. This is to prevent children in the back seat from accidentally opening the car door and causing danger. If a child is sitting alone in the back seat, this switch must be opened.

hidden functions on cars (1)

2. The sunshade can roll over, which is also a feature of all cars. Driving in front of the sun, the sunlight is too bright to see clearly on the road ahead. Everyone knows that lifting the sun visor can effectively block out the sunlight. If the sun is on the side, although it does not affect the line of sight, it will also feel very uncomfortable in the sun. At this time, you can remove one side of the sunshade, rotate it to the side, block the side window glass, and effectively block the sunlight. As shown in the above figure, you can easily grab one side with a gentle tug and then rotate it.

hidden functions on cars (2)

3. One click defogging and rear windshield defogging buttons. Some people don't know how to defog, while others know how to use air conditioning to blow glass to defog. In fact, many cars have a one click defog button. There is no need to manually adjust the wind direction to blow the glass, just press the button, as shown in the above picture. The front windshield defogging button is only available for automatic air conditioning, while manual air conditioning does not. However, all vehicles have the rear windshield defogging button. The appearance of the button is similar to that of the front windshield defogging with just one press, and the fog on the rear windshield will dissipate in a short time. The defogging of the rear windshield is done by heating with an electric heating wire. The red lines on the rear glass are the electric heating wires. Pressing the switch will generate heat, heating the glass to evaporate the mist.

hidden functions on cars (3)

4. The trunk has a manual opening switch. This refers to the electric trunk, which is not available in low-end cars when using a mechanical key to open the trunk. There are multiple ways to open the electric trunk, such as pressing the remote control, pressing the car switch, pressing the trunk switch, etc., all of which are achieved by electrically controlling the trunk lock block. But if the trunk lock block is broken, no switch can be pressed because the lock block cannot work. At this point, you can pull the manual switch to turn it on. Some of these switches are located at the trunk lock block and need to be crawled into the trunk from the driver's cabin to reach them, while others are located at the entrance of the trunk to the driver's cabin, with the seat folded down and accessible by reaching into the trunk with your hand. Find the handle and gently pull to open it.

hidden functions on cars (4)

5. After turning off the engine, you can also use the key to control the window up and down. Assuming that the engine has been turned off and the key has been pulled out of the car, when locking the car, it is found that there is still a window that is not closed. At this time, you can long press the remote control lock button, and all the windows will automatically close. There is no need to get in the car again, turn on the ignition switch, and press the glass switch to close the windows. Long press the unlock button to lower all four windows. If it is exposed to direct sunlight in the summer, long press the unlock button to lower the windows for ventilation before entering the car. Wait for the hot air inside the car to dissipate before entering.

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