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It's best to throw away these car supplies as soon as possible

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After buying a new car, car supplies are definitely indispensable, and reasonable car supplies are also necessary, such as floor mats, which are necessary to keep the floor clean and tidy, and are also easy to take care of. However, some automotive products cannot be used and even have a certain impact on driving safety. Today I will talk about a few common and widely used ones. If you have them in your car, be careful when using them.

1. Seat belt buckle. Drivers who use seat belt buckles must frequently not fasten their seat belts. Seat belts are the most important passive safety configuration. In the event of an accident, wearing a seat belt will provide maximum protection to the driver, firmly securing the driver to the seat. In some major accidents, drivers without wearing a seat belt may fly out of the vehicle. Due to the importance of seat belts, almost all vehicles will emit a beeping sound when the driver is detected not wearing a seat belt while driving, and it will continue to sound as long as it is not fastened. If the driver inserts the seatbelt buckle at this time, the vehicle will assume that the seatbelt is fastened and will no longer sound an alarm. The driver thinks they have deceived the vehicle, but in fact, they are harming themselves.

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2. Poor quality or mismatched floor mats with one's own vehicle model. This type of foot mat may have a situation where it is lifted around and is not firmly fixed. A slight push of the foot will cause it to move. There are two major hazards to the movement of foot pads. Firstly, it is easy to run under the brake pedal and be blocked by the foot pads when stepping on the brake, making it impossible to exert maximum braking force. The second issue is that it is easy to get stuck on the accelerator, and after releasing the accelerator, it still automatically refuels. In practice, a car owner once encountered a situation where they said their car would automatically refuel as soon as they stepped on the brake, causing the engine speed to increase. It turns out that the accelerator pedal is covered by the foot pad, and the other half is under the brake pedal. When pressing the brake, the foot pad presses down on the accelerator, causing the brake to automatically refuel. So when purchasing a floor mat, it must be compatible with your own vehicle model and have a fixed device. Don't buy cheap ones, as foot pads are lightweight and not slip well, making it easy to move around.

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3. Poor quality steering wheel covers, or plush steering wheel covers used in winter. A high-quality steering wheel cover is acceptable, providing a better feel. If the quality is not good, first of all, the steering wheel cover is easy to rotate on the steering wheel. I have encountered cars that use this type of steering wheel cover, and the material seems to be very thin linen, not genuine leather. It is very loose when placed on the steering wheel, and it will rotate with a little force. Secondly, the friction on the outer side is not enough, and the feel is not good. If the friction is not enough, the hands are prone to slipping, especially with the plush steering wheel cover used in winter, which makes it easy for the hands to slip. Slowly turning the direction won't slip, but it's easy to slip when you need to quickly turn the direction. Once there is a slip, obstacles that could have been avoided before may not be able to be avoided, and turns that can be turned may not be able to be avoided, resulting in a traffic accident.

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4. There are relatively large ornaments on the dashboard, long pendants hanging from the rearview mirror, and large plush toys below the rear windshield. The toys under the rearview mirror will affect the rear view, making it impossible to view the road conditions behind through the rear window glass. Sometimes when reversing, it is necessary to turn your head and look behind through the rear window glass. Especially on highways, it is also necessary to look at the road conditions behind through the inside rearview mirror. After putting something on, it will obstruct the view of the rearview mirror, and the interior rearview mirror becomes a decoration, unable to see the road conditions behind. The ornaments and pendants on the dashboard may fly inside the car, shattering the front windshield or injuring people during sudden braking or accidents. The pendant will also shake inside the car, and the driver will be affected when turning the direction significantly.

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