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WONDEE Leaf Spring Project

 @WondeeSpring Factory Facts

22 year spring experiencefactory land areaproduction lineannual outputsold overseas

With 22+ years of experience and facilities including land area of 30,000+ square meters and 4 production lines, Wondee LeafSpring's annual output reaches 35,000+ tons. And 40% of them have been sold to five continents.

  @WondeeSpring Quality Systems

iatf16949TOP 3 Material supplierstiffness testing machinearc height sorting machinefatigue testing machine

metallographic microscopespectrophotometercarbon furnacecarbon and sulfur combined analyzerhardness testerCNC Heat treatment furnace and quenching linesCNC tapering machineCNC blanking cutting manchineRobot-Assistant productionE-coating finish

Through measures: 

1) Implementation of IATF16949,

2) Finished products tested by Stiffness Testing Machine, Arc Height Sorting Machine; and Fatigue Testing Machine, 

3) Raw material from the top 3 steel mills,

4) Processes inspected by Metallographic Microscope, Spectrophotometer, Carbon Furnace, Carbon and Sulfur Combined Analyzer; and Hardness Tester, 

5) Application of automatic CNC equipment such as Heat Treatment Furnace and Quenching Lines, Tapering Machines, Blanking Cutting Machine; and Robot-assitant production, and

6) E-coating Finish Lines, and etc,

Wondee Autoparts ensures that spring's stable performance and quality indicators to meet or exceed industry standards.

@WondeeSpring Clients

oversea clients30 countries clients5 continents

WondeeSpring's 91+ valued clients such as Autoflex, Fliegl, AL-KO, Buquip, etc., distributed in more than 30 countries (such as Germany, France, Russia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Nigeria, Cameroon, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines,) on 5 continents.

@WondeeSpring Service Systems

ISO9001engineerserive hours

The implementation of ISO9001, more  than 10 spring engineers' support and 7x24 working hours ensure WondeeSpring's service systematical, professional, timely and efficient.

@WondeeSpring Product Range

spring widthspring thickness5000 skusOEM and after marketleaf spring parts (2)conventional springparabolic springair linker springssprung drawbarpick up spring

truck springstrailer springssemi trailer springsBus springsAgricultural springs

WondeeSpring, as a one-stop springs supplier, provides a variety of springs: width range from 44.5mm to 125mm and a thickness range from 6mm to 50mm; not only conventional springs and parabolic springs, but also air linkers and sprung drawbars; 

springs applied to including trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, buses and agricultural vehicles; for both OEM and aftermarket. 

At the same time spring parts such as bushings, center bolts, brackets and flat bars are also available.


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