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Installation and Use of Single Axle Lifting Type Semi Trailer Air Suspension-Introduction of main components and maintenance of air suspensions(Part 2)1. The structure, function and principle of the main components of the air suspension system1.1 Air spring assemblyAs shown in Figure 1 below. The ai



Installation and Use of Single Axle Lifting Type Semi Trailer Air Suspension -Installation Instructions(Part 1)

1. The composition of an air suspension1.1 Composition of single axle lifting air suspension systemAs shown in Figure 1 below. It mainly consists of the following 7 parts:1) Air linker bracket assembly2) Lift airbag assembly3) Air linker assembly4) Shock absorber assembly5) Load-carrying airbag asse



The Effect of Increasing or Decreasing the Number of Spring Leaves on Stiffness and Service Life of Leaf Spring Assembly

A leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element in automobile suspension. It is an elastic beam with approximately equal strength composed of several alloy spring leaves sheets of equal width and unequal length. It bears the vertical force caused by the dead weight and load of the vehicle and



How to Measure A Leaf Spring?

1. Main parameters of leaf springsAs shown in Figure 1 below. The main parameters of leaf springs are: (Figure 1. Main parameters of leaf springs)2. Main processing technology of leaf spring ends As shown in Figure 2 below. The end processing technologies of leaf springs mainly includes the followin



Inspection for braking failure of semi-trailers in winter

If the semi-trailer has brake failure or weakness during driving in winter, please check the following items in time:



Introduction of Trailer Brake Shoes

A trailer brake shoe refers to a part that expands outward under the force of camshaft or push rod to press the brake drum and play the role of braking. It is installed on the axle through the brake bracket and installed in the brake drum. It is one of the key safety components in the automobile bra

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