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According to data from the General Administration of Customs compiled by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers(CAAM), since 2021, China's exports to countries along the "Belt and Road" have shown rapid growth, and the growth of complete vehicle exports has been even more significant. Fr



China's automobile industry production and sales in September 2021

According to the statistical analysis of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in September 2021, while the China energy consumption was dually controlled, due to the shortage of coal supply and the inversion of coal and electricity prices, the large-scale implementation of orderly elec



Classification of Semi-trailer Landing Gears(Landing legs)

A landing gear is an indispensable part of the semi-trailer. It is usually installed in the front of the semi-trailer, which consists of the left and right leg. Its function is to support the front end of the semi-trailer after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor. As shown in Figure 1 bel



China's Production and Sales of New Energy Vehicles Exceeded 300,000 in August 2021

According to the statistical analysis of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in August 2021, the new energy vehicle market continued to outperform the market, with the production and sales continuing to grow month-on-month and year-on-year, with production and sales exceeding 300,000



Classification of Semi Trailer Suspensions

Semi-trailer suspension is an important part connecting the traveling device and the frame of the semi-trailer. The supporting force, braking force, and driving force of the vehicle are all transmitted through the suspension system. And the suspension can also reduce the impact of harsh roads on the



Supply Chain Problems May Cause Global Automakers to Lose 7.7 Million Vehicles Output in 2021

According to foreign media reports, on September 24, the consulting firm Alixpartners said that due to supply chain problems, global automakers may lose 7.7 million vehicles output in 2021, and annual revenue losses may be as high as 210 billion USdollars, which is almost twice as expected earlier t

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