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2-axle 3-axle Germany Type Mechanical Suspension for Heavy Duty Semi Trailer


Product Description

2-axle 3-axle Germany type mechanical suspension for heavy duty semi trailer:

 Germany Mechanical suspension (1)Germany Mechanical suspension (2)

Item No.:

Axle                    Quantity

H (Mount Height)

A (Empty Load)

B (Full Load)


Axle Style

Leaf Spring























1. Production  :

Germany BPW type mechanical suspension for semitrailer

2-axle, tandem axle , 3-axle, tri-axle, 4-axle mechanical suspension

2. Suspension type:

American type mechanical suspension, FUWA type   mechanical suspension,

Germany type mechanical suspension, BPW   type mechanical suspension, SAF type mechanical suspension,   YTE Casting type, ROR casting type,  mechanical   suspension with parabolic spring.

Overslung type mechanical suspension,   underslung type mechanical suspension,

3. Related suspension parts:

Front hanger, middle hanger, rear hanger,   equalizer, U-bolt, leaf spring , Fixed torque, adjuster torque, spring seat ,

4. Thickness of   hanger:

6mm, 8mm,

5. Thickness of equalizer:

10mm, 12mm

6. Size of Equalizer center pin:

60mm, 70mm

7. Wheel base:

1310mm, 1360mm

9. Axle beam type:

Square beam 150x150mm,  Round beam 127mm diameter.

10. Color

Red, shinning black, dark black, grey,   blue, As requirement.

11. Warranty:

12 months since shipping date.

12. Related Certificate:

ISO9001; TS16949; COC; PVOC; CIQ; SONCAP;   BV; C/O; FORM E.

13. Lead time:

About 10~15 Working Days


 Mechanical Suspension (1)

 Suspension is the general term for all the force transmission connecting devices between the frame (or load-bearing body) and the axle (or wheels) of a car. Its function is to transmit the force and torque acting between the wheel and the frame, and Buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body, and reduce the vibration caused by this, so as to ensure that the car can run smoothly.

Mechanical Suspension (2)

 Generally speaking, the suspension system of a car is divided into two types: non-independent suspension and independent suspension. The wheels of non-independent suspension are installed at both ends of an integral axle. When one wheel bounces, the other wheel also bounces accordingly, making the whole The vehicle body vibrates or tilts; the independent suspension axle is divided into two sections, and each wheel is independently installed under the frame by a coil spring. When one wheel bounces, the other wheel is not affected. The wheels on both sides can move independently, which improves the car The stability and comfort.


The mechanical suspension system is composed of elastic elements, guide devices, shock absorbers, buffer blocks and transverse stabilizers. The guide device is composed of a guide rod system, which is used to determine the movement characteristics of the wheel relative to the frame (or body) and transfer the elasticity Various forces and moments other than the vertical force transmitted by the element. When the longitudinal leaf spring is used as an elastic element, it also functions as a guide. The buffer block is used to reduce the direct impact of the axle on the frame (or body) and prevent excessive deformation of the elastic element.

Mechanical Suspension (4)

The suspensions of heavy trucks and semi-trailers are mainly non-independent suspensions, and the suspension elastic elements are generally leaf springs.


Leaf spring suspension

Leaf spring suspension (referred to as leaf spring suspension) is further divided into small-piece variable cross-section steel plate suspension and uniform cross-section multi-leaf spring suspension. At present, more than 95% of heavy truck suspension systems are non-independent suspensions with leaf springs as elastic elements and guides. The main advantages are simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance, mature technology and reliable work. The disadvantages are poor car ride comfort and comfort; the large leaf springs cannot adapt to the lightweight development of heavy trucks, and cannot take into account both the comfort and handling stability of heavy trucks. The air suspension makes full use of the rigidity characteristics of the air spring to achieve the goal of taking both aspects into consideration at the same time.

Mechanical Suspension (5) 

The Production process of semi-trailer mechanical suspension:

Mechanical Suspension (6) 

Features of WONDEE Mechanical Suspension:

1.The front, middle and rear spring hangers are made of high tensile low alloy steel plates (pressed and welded into structure) stronger but lighter.
2.The new design prevents the spring from shifting in a side way during running, The 90mm and 100 width leaf spring are made of high quality material.
3. The antifriction block (welded) is made of high tensile steel plate material (or #20 cast steel) .
4. Its angle is in line with the unfolding direction between the steel plate spring and the antifriction block of the rocker arm.
5. The angle of the torque arm is scientifically adjusted. It can efficiently reduce the instant sliding distance between the tires and the ground, effectively lower friction of the tire, and increase the tire service life.
7.The torque arm bushing is made of urethane rubber. It has a buffering function to the instant abrasion in sliding shift of the tire.
8.The above features of suspension, plus a correct installation, reliably guarantee the verticality between the axle and the king pin, effectively remove the phenomena of offset abrasion and gnawing, and make the tire wearing even.


 WONDEE supply various kinds of trailer mechanical suspension more than 20 years: 

 Mechanical Suspension (3) 

 In addition to supplying different types of Semi trailer mechanical suspension, WONDEE also Supply different types of semi trailer components as below:

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