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Landing Gear Project

@Wondee LandingGear Factory Facts

22 years experinceFactory areaOutputSold overseasSelf produced parts

With 22+ years of experience and facilities including land area of 15,000+ square meters , Wondee LandingGear's annual output reaches 50,000+ pairs. And 66% of them have been sold oversea. In addition, more than 85% of parts are self-produced.

@Wondee LandingGear Quality Systems

16949TOP 3 material supplierAAR Product standardProduct inspecting (1)Product inspecting (2)Product inspecting (3)Product inspecting (4)Product inspecting (5)pressiing centerHydraulic Shaping MachinesAutomatic welding machineWelding machine with toolsShot blastingPlastic painting line

GearsCold-drawn Screw Rodscrew nutbearingbushing

Through measures: 

1) Implementation of IATF16949,

2) Quality Standard meets or exceeds GB/T 26777-2011 & AAR Safety Regulations,

3) A Dedicated Testing Semi-trailer Platform is used for inspection of  Static Loading Capacity, Lifting Loading Capacity, Lateral Force Capacity,

4) Processes Features include that screw rod is cold-drawn for higher precision and greater strength, no burrs and no bayonet marks; the built-in grease storage device is used to ensure constant lubrication of the lifting screw; the high quality grease is used to ensure normal use within the range of -30℃~120℃; the z-shaped crank adopts know-how to maintain the circular cross-sectional shape at the corners for stronger strength and longer service life; Main dimensions are inspected by Calipers & Micrometers and the painting is inspected by a Coating Thickness Tester,

5) Main equipments include a pressing center with dozens of precise molds, a specially designed machine of hydraulic shaping and automatic welding to ensure higher accuracy of the 3-d sizes of the squre tube, special CNC welders with dozens of fixture toolings, shot blasting machines, a plastic coating line,

6) Key parts contains 20CrMT carburized gears are used to get higher strength; Powder metallurgy bushings are used to receive better heat-resistanty, wear-resistanty and lower friction. The optimized super-strength screw nut is adopted and has been verified by the market without quality failure. Well-known brand bearings are used to bear greater load and save more labor, and

7) Raw material from the top 3 steel mills,

Wondee ensures landing gear's stable performance and quality indicators to meet or exceed.

@Wondee LandingGear Clients

Clients20 countries5 Continents

Wondee LandingGear 80+ valued clients distributed our products in more than 25 countries (such as Mexico, Brazil Chile, Guatemala Ecuador, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, etc.).

@Wondee LandingGear Service Systems

9001EngineersService hours

The implementation of ISO9001, 7 engineers' support and 7x24 working hours ensure Wondee LandingGear's service systematical, professional, timely and efficient.

@Wondee LandingGear Product Range

Loading CapacityFUWA landing gearJost landing gearHolland landing gear

inside landing geartrailer jackslanding gear parts (1)landing gear parts (2)

Wondee Autoparts, as a one-stop supplier, provides a variety of landing gears: 

Loading capacity including 24ton, 25ton, 28ton, 30ton, 32ton, etc.;

Series including Fuwa type landing gears; Jost type landing gears; Holland type landing gears; Inside landing gears and trailer jacks.

At same time landing gear parts such as T-foot, S-foot, A-foot, R-foot, cranks, gear bars, L-plates, W-plates and other parts are available. Besides, full set of parts for OEM are also available.


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