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Shock absorbers have damping, requiring a certain amount of pressure during compression and a certain amount of tension during stretching. Their main function is to reduce the vibration of the spring, thereby reducing the vibration of the car. The shock absorption system of a car consists of springs and shock absorbers.



It's best to throw away these car supplies as soon as possible
After buying a new car, car supplies are definitely indispensable, and reasonable car supplies are also necessary, such as floor mats, which are necessary to keep the floor clean and tidy, and are also easy to take care of. However, some automotive products cannot be used and even have a certain impact on driving safety.



Can you use child locks on cars? How many do you know about the hidden functions on cars?
Nowadays, many drivers can only drive away and are not familiar with the functions on the car. Some even cannot understand the basic air conditioning switches, and various comfort configurations, such as seat heating and ventilation.



Do you know how to turn left in the waiting area? When should I enter?
It is common to have a left turn waiting area, which can be set up at slightly larger intersections. If the left turn is a red light, vehicles turning left at intersections without a waiting area should stop waiting at the stop line in front of the sidewalk. 



It is said that the engine leaks oil. Which specific part of the engine will leak oil?
Many cars have a common problem of engine oil leakage, which is actually a normal phenomenon. As the car ages, most engines will leak oil, with some leaking earlier and others leaking later. Because the engine is composed of many components, and the entire interior of the engine is filled with oil.



I lost the car key, can I make a new copy? What are the hidden dangers?
Car engines come with or without anti-theft systems. Generally, cars priced above 80000 yuan will come with anti-theft systems, while cars priced between 50000 and 60000 yuan generally do not. Cars that do not even have a remote control must not come with anti-theft systems. 
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