Most experienced drivers know that the wheels should be regularly rotated, but there are many novice drivers who are not very familiar with it. If not prompted to do so, they will never know what to do with this project. The main purpose of wheel rotation is to make the four tires wear more evenly,



Is the fuel consumption of the external circulation of car air conditioning higher than that of the internal circulation?
Today I will talk about a simple issue about air conditioning, but there are many beginners who are not familiar with it. One is about the issue of air conditioning internal and external circulation and fuel consumption, and the other is about air conditioning water. Everyone knows about air conditi



What means about the Automobile Recall? Can I buy the recalled car models?
Any car recall indicates that the model has quality issues and safety hazards. Some cars have quality issues with a certain component, and a large number of cars will malfunction shortly after use. Any car that uses this component is within the scope of recall. Some assembly processes in certain are



When picking up a new car, the brake discs were rusty. Has someone driven it before?
When picking up a new car, everyone checks it carefully, usually focusing on the appearance. Many people have encountered this situation where the brake discs are rusted. Believing that the new car's brake discs are rusty and abnormal, suspecting that this is not a new car? Has someone driven it bef



Do you only know when the battery needs to be replaced when it can't be started? Can we predict in advance?
The lithium battery used on the phone can display the battery level and know in advance when to charge. However, lead-acid batteries are used in cars, which cannot display the battery level. A battery will eventually have a lifespan, but it cannot display the battery level and lifespan. How do you k



When maintaining a vehicle, remember to check these four items
When doing maintenance in a repair shop, you usually do whatever maintenance is needed, and do not conduct detailed inspections on other items. At most, you can take a glance during maintenance. There are many free inspection items for maintenance at 4S stores, which are included in the manufacturer



What is the impact of adding too much or too little engine oil during vehicle maintenance on the engine? Is the damage significant?
The engine has requirements for the amount of oil, which cannot be too much or too little. When repair technicians add oil, they often encounter some novice car owners asking for more oil, fearing that a lack of oil may damage the engine, but they don't know that having too much oil is not good for



The cooling effect of the car air conditioner is not good. Don't rush to fill it with fluorine, check these items first
The problem of car air conditioning not cooling at all is relatively easy to repair, because the fault phenomenon is obvious and there must be a problem with the components. It is not easy to solve situations where there is sometimes no malfunction or the cooling is not enough despite cooling. What



Can I leave the paintwork on my car scratched and wait for more damage to be repaired together?
Car paint has two main functions: aesthetics and protection of the body from corrosion. Scratches and scratches while driving are very common, and it takes several days to wait for the car to be picked up when going to the 4S store to have it repainted. When the vehicle is scratched, the paint is ge



What is the reason why the surface of a car wheel hub becomes black? Is it normal for the wheel hub to be hot to the touch?
The wheels of a car play an important role in the appearance of the vehicle. After buying a car, some people will replace the wheels with beautiful ones. Some low-end cars have iron wheels, while most people will replace them with aluminum alloy. So everyone cares about the aesthetics of the wheels.
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