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A landing gear is an indispensable part of the semi-trailer. It is usually installed in the front of the semi-trailer, which consists of the left and right leg. Its function is to support the front end of the semi-trailer after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor. As shown in Figure 1 bel



Classification of Semi Trailer Suspensions

Semi-trailer suspension is an important part connecting the traveling device and the frame of the semi-trailer. The supporting force, braking force, and driving force of the vehicle are all transmitted through the suspension system. And the suspension can also reduce the impact of harsh roads on the



Classification of Semi Trailer Axle

A semi trailer is one of the main transportation equipment for cargo transportation in the world. The semi-trailer axle is the core component of a semi-trailer. Semi trailers in different countries and regions are equipped with different styles of axles.The semi-trailer axle is mainly composed of fo



Classification of Leaf Springs

A leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element of automobile suspensions. It is an approximate equal strength steel beam composed of several alloy spring sheets of equal width and unequal length. There are many kinds of leaf springs, which can be classified according to the following classifi



Difference Between Semi-trailers and Full Trailers

Trailers can be divided into full trailer and semi-trailer. What is the difference between them? What are their characteristics? 1. Definition of trailer, full trailer and semi-trailer 1) Definition of trailerTrailer means a vehicle towed by a tractor/truck/car without its own power drive. A tracto

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    Why does the landing gear slide down during the driving of the semi-trailer?

    In normal use, the landing gear crank is placed on the hook, and the legs will not slide down naturally.
    Generally, there are two reasons for the sliding down of the landing gear:
    1. After the landing gears are lifted, the crank be removed and placed in the tool box. During driving, the landing gears will naturally slide down slowly due to vibration, which will cause the landing foot to touch the ground and be damaged.
    2. The connecting bolts and nuts of the intermediate connecter bar connecting the left and right landing legs are lost, and the left landing leg (without gearbox) naturally slides down slowly due to vibration during driving.
  • Why do semi-trailer tires wear abnormally (tire eating)?

    Tire eating refers to abnormal tire wear. There are many reasons for tire eating, and the phenomenon of tire eating is diverse.
    1. Generally,  there are some reasons as follows:
    1)There is a problem with the suspension installation or adjustment.
    2) Some parts of the suspension have quality problems or have been damaged, and they will change during driving after suspension adjustment
    3) When the suspension upper and lower support plates are welded to the axle, left and right are asymmetry.
    4) Steel wheel rim’s quality problem cause it .
    5) Air brake system quality problem. The brakes are not synchronized, the brakes are locked too fast, etc., which may cause a tire to wear abnormally;
    6) The uneven distribution of the center of gravity of the whole vehicle causes uneven force on the tires and wear abnormally. This situation also includes uneven force on the tires caused by the unevenness of the leaf spring stiffness.
    7) The center line of the whole vehicle is offset, and there is a zigzag walking situation when the vehicle is driving, causing wear on both sides of the tire.
    2. Related reasons with axle:
    1)Tire eating caused by the bending of the axle body, this type of tire eating is mainly on the inner side of the inner tire. If the axle is bent forwards or backwards, the outer tires may be more serious.
    2)Brake shoes and S-camshafts are not returning properly.
    3)The brake drum is out of round, causing the tires to stay in the same position and wear quickly every time when braking.


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