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The professional semi-trailer and parts supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years history.
Founded in 1999, as a professional automobile parts supplier, WONDEE AUTOPARTS specializing in providing semi trailers and semi-trailers components, trailer components, truck components, agricultural trailers and their components.

The main products include semi trailers, leaf springs , spring steel flat bar, mechanical suspension, air suspension, bogie suspension, air bag, semi trailer axle, landing gear, brake drum, brake shoe, brake lining, mudguard, slack adjuster, air tank, coupling, emergency relay valve, brake hose, turntable, wheel rim, bolts, fifth wheel, king pin, air chamber, twist lock, jack, drawba,Towing Partsr and so on.

With more than 20 years experience in semi trailer field, excellent quality of WONDEE products has been well received in overseas markets, which helps our customers develop their local markets.

Shock absorbers (3).jpg
How do you know if the car shock absorber is broken? Must it be replaced in pairs?
09 July 2024

Shock absorbers have damping, requiring a certain amount of pressure during compression and a certain amount of tension during stretching. Their main function is to reduce the vibration of the spring, thereby reducing the vibration of the car. The shock absorption system of a car consists of springs and shock absorbers.

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It's best to throw away these car supplies as soon as possible
09 July 2024

After buying a new car, car supplies are definitely indispensable, and reasonable car supplies are also necessary, such as floor mats, which are necessary to keep the floor clean and tidy, and are also easy to take care of. However, some automotive products cannot be used and even have a certain impact on driving safety.

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Can you use child locks on cars? How many do you know about the hidden functions on cars?
05 July 2024

Nowadays, many drivers can only drive away and are not familiar with the functions on the car. Some even cannot understand the basic air conditioning switches, and various comfort configurations, such as seat heating and ventilation.

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Do you know how to turn left in the waiting area? When should I enter?
05 July 2024

It is common to have a left turn waiting area, which can be set up at slightly larger intersections. If the left turn is a red light, vehicles turning left at intersections without a waiting area should stop waiting at the stop line in front of the sidewalk. 

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How long can a car be parked and not driven at most?
03 July 2024

Many people who have bought a car and haven't driven it for a long time are around, and many cars remain stationary for a long time in underground garages and on the roadside in various communities.

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Ampere, a subsidiary of Renault electric vehicles, collaborates with LG New Energy and CATL to develop battery technology
03 July 2024

According to Reuters, Ampere, a subsidiary of Renault's electric vehicles, announced on July 1st that it will incorporate lithium iron phosphate technology into its production plan and collaborate with suppliers LG New Energy and CATL to establish a value chain in Europe. 

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