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Will it hurt the car if a manual transmission car forgets to shift to neutral after parking and jumps forward when it fires again?

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I believe many drivers have encountered this situation, where the car directly ignited in a non neutral position and suddenly shot forward. Even in 4S stores, new maintenance technicians may encounter this situation, as experienced technicians always leave the front of the car when they see a car that needs to be started. Because if in gear, the car will definitely move forward when starting. A car owner asks if forgetting to shift to neutral after parking and jumping forward when starting the engine has any impact on the car?

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First of all, the answer is that it does not affect the car itself. But if there are obstacles in front of the car, or if someone stands in front of the car, there may be an accident, which is the biggest hazard. There is also a scenario where several people travel together while opening the car door to get into the car. The driver first sits in the car and starts the vehicle. If the car moves forward, the person getting into the car may be injured. Therefore, starting in gear has no impact on the car, and the most feared thing is an accident.

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Why does the car run forward? The power comes from the starter, as in gear, the engine and gearbox are connected together, and the transmission shaft and wheels are connected together. When igniting, the starter rotates to drive the engine to rotate, which ultimately drives the wheels to rotate. When the driver notices the car moving forward, most of them immediately release the key to stop the ignition, and the car will not go too far forward. But if you keep turning the key, the car will continue to move forward and the danger will increase.

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   From this, it can be seen that when starting, the starter only drives the engine to rotate. When starting in gear, the starter will drive the vehicle to move forward, which means the load will increase, and there is no other difference. Although the load increases, it has no effect on the starter. If it can rotate, it will rotate, and if it cannot, it will not rotate. However, at that time, the current would be relatively high and the battery would consume a lot of electricity. Because the time was relatively short, these changes did not harm the car and can be ignored. It can be said that igniting in gear has no impact on the car itself.

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Therefore, it is a good habit for novice drivers to step on the clutch when starting a car, regardless of whether the gear is in neutral or not. In this way, whether driving your own car or someone else's car, at least there is no danger when starting a fire. Of course, before starting the ignition, you need to check if the gear is in neutral, as is required in the driver's license exam. Old drivers in the past used to park in a lot of different gears, not forgetting to shift to neutral, but intentionally shifting after turning off the engine to prevent the car from slipping. There are relatively few drivers operating in this way now. If you are not driving your own car, be sure to keep an eye on the ignition. Even if driving your own car, you should still press the clutch when starting the engine, as there may be situations where you forget to shift to neutral as mentioned earlier.

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