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Why not recommend opening windows when driving on highways? What are the hazards?

Views: 0     Author: Wondee Autoparts     Publish Time: 2023-09-11      Origin: Wondee Autoparts


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Why not recommend opening windows when driving on highways? What are the hazards?

   Most drivers do not open windows when driving at high speeds, but occasionally there are drivers driving with windows open and the speed is not slow. Sometimes passengers in the car like to open windows, especially when there are many people on board. Some people may feel stuffy inside the car and find it difficult to breathe after sitting for a long time, so they need to open some windows for ventilation. It is normal to open windows when driving on slow roads in urban and suburban areas, but it is not recommended to do so on highways. This has many disadvantages. Let's analyze them below.

       Opening windows on highway (1)

   Firstly, the noise will be very loud after opening the window, which is well-known and easy to feel. No matter how big the front or rear windows are opened, the noise that the driver can hear is loud, which belongs to noise pollution. Listening for a long time can cause irritability and affect the driver's mood. Even if the rear car honks the horn, it is not easy for the driver to hear, ultimately affecting safe driving. Secondly, the wind inside the car is strong, and people may feel uncomfortable even if they are constantly blown.

       Opening windows on highway (2)

High wind and noise are issues with comfort, as well as safety. When a car passes by, it is possible to lift small stones and fly in through the window, causing injury to people. When driving on highways, the glass of cars is often hit by stones, causing damage. If stones hit people, it can also be very serious. Secondly, there is also the attack of crosswinds. Even without opening the windows, if encountering strong crosswinds, the car will be very unstable and feel like being pushed out horizontally for a distance. If the window on the crosswind side is open at this time, a large amount of airflow will flow into the car, making it easier to push the car out and even cause it to lose control. It is important to pay more attention on crosswind sections. Even if we don't encounter crosswind, when we quickly overtake a large truck, we will still feel the car being pulled. Opening the window will make it more noticeable, and the direction will also be a bit unstable.

       Opening windows on highway (3)

      Therefore, when driving on highways, try not to open windows. If you feel stuffy inside the car, turn on the air conditioning and switch to the external circulation mode. If the temperature inside the car decreases, you will not feel stuffy. In addition, the external circulation can also allow fresh air from the outside to continuously enter the carriage. If it is necessary to open a window for ventilation, such as if there are people smoking in the car, a small gap can be opened in the window. This will create negative pressure due to the fast flow rate of external air, which will draw out the air inside the car, resulting in better ventilation effect.

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