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Why is there a color difference in the newly sprayed car paint? What's wrong with a rough and unsmooth surface?

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Car scratches are very common, and there are many cars that are painted in the repair shop every day. Generally speaking, the paint sprayed by 4S stores is of good quality, and most technicians can achieve minimal or almost no color difference. But many car repair shops spray paint with very obvious color differences, and the newly sprayed paint can be seen at a glance. Why is painting so prone to color difference? Sometimes when I touch it with my hand, it feels rough and not smooth. What's wrong?

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    There is a big difference between painting and replacing other parts of the vehicle, and the entire painting process requires high requirements for each link. There are two main factors that cause color difference, one is the quality of the paint, and the other is the spraying process. The quality of paint is easy to understand, just like the original and auxiliary parts of automotive parts. The original parts have high requirements and unified standards in the processing and production process, and there are strict quality inspections. The secondary components are made rough, with poor materials and poor craftsmanship. So the original paint, with good quality, must be much better than very cheap paint. Specifically manifested in color, adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and so on. Some paint colors themselves are not correct, making it difficult to mix them with the same color as the original car, and there will definitely be color differences when sprayed. Of course, it is also related to the skill and experience of the paint mixer, and some car paint colors are difficult to adjust themselves.

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    The next step is the difference in spray painting technology. The paint shops of automobile manufacturers can truly achieve a dust-free workshop, and are all operated by robots, with accuracy and precision that cannot be compared to manual work. And our spray painting can only be done in a simple spray painting room, it is impossible to achieve dust-free, only to block some large impurity particles. And they are all manually operated, with the sprayer holding a spray gun and spraying little by little, with accuracy and precision far below the level of a robot. Of course, it is also closely related to the skill of the spray painting technician, as good skills result in better spraying results. Some repair garages, especially in remote areas, do not even have paint spraying rooms and spray paint in the open air, with predictable quality.

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    The rough and unsmooth surface after painting is also caused by these two reasons. The paint itself contains impurities, and it is not possible to achieve a dust-free workshop. When the paint is not dry, there are many dust impurities floating on it, which can cause the surface to be uneven and appear to have some impurities inside the paint. If the surface is only not smooth, it can be polished again after the paint has dried, and it can be very smooth and bright without the need for repainting. Even in 4S stores, the vast majority of cars require a polishing process after painting, otherwise the surface is neither shiny nor smooth.

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    Color difference is also related to the color of the paint. Generally, black paint is the least likely to have color difference because the color is dark, and even if there is a color difference, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Light colors, bright colors, and some niche colors are prone to color differences due to the difficulty of paint mixing. Some light colored paints are sprayed on plastic and iron parts, resulting in slightly different colors. Sometimes there is a noticeable color difference between the entire front bumper and the fender, which is a normal phenomenon. The original car's paint also has it. Another situation is that the car's paint has aged and darkened as it ages. The newly sprayed paint is relatively bright and bright, forming a sharp contrast with the aging paint of the surrounding components. It seems that there is a color difference, which is also a normal phenomenon and cannot be avoided.

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    What if there is significant color difference after painting? There is no remedy but to repaint and spray again. Due to the long time required for painting, if you care about the quality of the paint surface and color difference issues, try to choose a more formal repair shop. If you take insurance, it's best to go to a 4S store to spray paint. The quality is relatively guaranteed, and even if there is a color difference, it can be dealt with promptly without any disputes.

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