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Why is it said that taxis are more durable than private cars? Is that really the case?

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It is said that taxis can run hundreds of thousands of kilometers without any problems, while private cars have constant problems. Some people say that taxis are more durable than private cars. Is this really the case? Actually, this comparison method itself has problems. It's not enough to just look at a taxi for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without any problems, but also to see how long it has been used and driven for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, which involves issues with the vehicle's lifespan and condition. Although taxis are not frequently repaired, some cars are actually in poor condition. No matter if there is abnormal noise or if the fault light is on or not repaired, as long as it can be driven, there are no safety hazards, and it does not affect the lifespan of various components of the car. Even if the comfort model is slightly worse, don't bother with it and continue driving. There are many experienced taxi drivers who know what faults do not affect them and what faults must be repaired. Therefore, faults that do not affect them can be driven first and solved together when changing the oil.

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This is only a secondary aspect, mainly because the lifespan of many parts of the car is closely related to their service life. Over time, even if the mileage is small, malfunctions may occur. Therefore, durability cannot be solely judged by the mileage. Taxis can run three to four hundred kilometers a day, and can run over 100000 kilometers a year. Private cars can also run three to forty kilometers a day, and can run over 10000 kilometers a year. A little more can run 20000 kilometers, and it takes five to six years to catch up with the annual mileage of taxis. If compared in kilometers, the shortened lifespan caused by car aging is ignored. Therefore, it cannot be said that the durability of taxis is better than that of private cars, it is just that they are driven more frequently.

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Another important point is the shortened lifespan caused by cold car wear. After a cold start of a car for more than ten seconds, wear is the most severe. After the vehicle is left for one night or more, the oil flows back to the oil pan, and the lubrication conditions cannot be reached at the moment of start. Additionally, the large clearance between various components is the cause of wear. Under the same mileage, private cars start much more times than taxis. After the taxi starts, it stops stalling for a long time in the morning or afternoon. Although many drivers drive aggressively, they are still in a hot state, with lubrication and cooling conditions that meet the requirements and minimal wear and tear. Many private cars are driven less, and driving a few kilometers at a time can increase carbon deposits more quickly, which is detrimental to the lifespan of the car. Long term storage of private cars can also shorten the lifespan of certain components, making the vehicle hesitant to drive or store. Comparing the durability of a car, one should refer to the mileage, age, and usage method.

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So, is it the mileage that has a greater impact on the car or the age that has a greater impact on the car? Actually, it cannot be generalized, it also depends on the way of using the vehicle. If you drive carefully, frequently travel on highways, and have good road conditions, the impact of years is even greater. If the driving conditions are not good, driving on congested roads every day, frequently pulling heavy objects, and driving aggressively under heavy loads, then the impact of mileage is significant. So, how good a car is and how much life is left depends on its condition at the time. Of course, the longer the mileage, the longer the limit, and the worse the condition of the car.

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