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Why do most people back into the parking space when parking?

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No matter where they park, most people reverse their cars into parking spaces, which has become a parking habit. Some people also have the habit of driving directly into the parking space and not reversing, which is also a habit. There are indeed quite a few drivers who drive their cars into parking spaces because of poor reverse technology, unable to reverse in a short period of time, and can only drive in. After all, the blind spot in reverse has a large visual difference, and the probability of scratches occurring is higher. Choosing to reverse into a parking space is not to prove one's driving skills, but rather because there are many parking spaces in front with narrow space that must be reversed, otherwise it is impossible to enter. Gradually, one has developed a parking habit of reversing into the parking space no matter where they park, and of course, reverse technology must also be available.

Reverse parking (1)

If the road in front of the parking space is narrow and the space is limited, you can only enter it upside down and cannot drive directly in. In some shopping malls, hospitals, train stations, and other places, there is usually a situation where the parking spaces are dense and the aisles are narrow. If one's car is relatively large, it may be difficult to drive in straight ahead and can only be reversed. Why does reverse parking require less space? It's because the front wheels are steering wheels. The rear wheels cannot turn and can only follow the front wheels. If the rear wheels advance to the parking space, the front wheels can turn and the front of the car can swing a lot. The front of the car is outside, and there is also a lot of space to swing. Adjusting the direction of the car makes parking easier. If the front of the car enters the parking space first, as the car is inclined, there will be a situation where the front of the car enters and the rear of the car cannot enter. This is because the width of the parking space is very narrow, and the steering ability of the front wheels cannot be fully utilized, making it impossible to make significant changes to adjust the car's angle. Of course, if there is no parking on both sides, there is a lot of space, or the parking space itself is very wide, it can also be adjusted left and right to smoothly drive in. Or rather, there is a lot of space in front of the parking space, which allows the car to be driven straight in.

Reverse parking (2)

In short, the parking space required for reverse parking is smaller, and it is relatively easy to exit the parking space. The car can be turned in the right direction when the body is slightly out. If you are driving straight into the parking space, the parking space will have to be inverted. If the aisle is very narrow, it is not easy to come out, and the difficulty of inversion is much greater than that of inversion. Therefore, when encountering narrow areas, it is better to invert. Reverse the vehicle into position, which saves more time when driving. In case of any emergency, it can be driven faster. Some places have sloping parking spaces, how can I park in these spaces? To see which direction to lean towards, if the car is moving forward and the parking space is exactly inclined towards you, then just drive in directly and it's also convenient to reverse it out. If the parking space is inclined towards the direction you are traveling, you can only reverse it and cannot drive it in.

Reverse parking (3)

Another benefit of reversing the car into a parking space is that if there is a problem with the car, it is also more convenient to have the front of the car facing outward for maintenance. For example, the most common scenario is when the battery runs out of battery, which is called rescue power. If the front of the car is beyond the outside, it will be very easy. If the front of the car is facing inward, the general battery cable is not that long and cannot be reached, which increases the difficulty of rescue. Especially when there are cars on both sides and the front of the car is facing the wall, and the automatic transmission car cannot be pushed out in N gear, it is the most troublesome. So even if you park in your own garage, it's best to reverse and enter the parking space to develop a good parking habit.

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