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Why can't I wear slippers while driving? What other shoes cannot be worn while driving?

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Wearing slippers while driving is considered a behavior that hinders safe driving, and like making phone calls while driving, it is an illegal act. If caught, points will be deducted and fines will be imposed. In summer, many people wear slippers and don't change their shoes while driving, especially female drivers who often wear beautiful slippers. Every year, there are also news reports of traffic accidents caused by wearing slippers while driving. Therefore, we remind every driver not to wear slippers while driving. So why can't you wear slippers while driving? Many people may not understand. Some people have been caught by traffic police, but they don't know that they can't wear slippers while driving, and the dangers involved are even more unknown. Let's take a look at the dangers of wearing slippers while driving.

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      Firstly, slippers cannot effectively bind the feet, making it easy for the feet to move relative to the slippers, resulting in slipping, which is the biggest problem. When driving, our feet need to constantly move, sometimes stepping on the accelerator and then on the brake. If our slippers slip during the movement, it is easy to fail to press the brake pedal or accelerator pedal, and even cause the phenomenon of stepping on the wrong pedal. Secondly, slippers are generally relatively soft and are prone to deformation when braking, resulting in insufficient strength. It is also easy for the front end of the slipper to be stepped on the brake pedal, while the foot is relatively backward and not stepped on the pedal. The slipper will deform and get stuck under the brake pedal, and the brake will not be pressed. At this point, most people will panic and cause serious traffic accidents.

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       Even if the vehicle can be operated normally, there will be a delay in the braking speed due to the low fit between the slippers and the feet. Under normal circumstances, braking is still possible, but in case of an emergency, delaying braking by a few seconds may lead to accidents. When the accelerator and brake pedals are moved back and forth, it can also occur that the feet and toes are lifted too high, while the front of the slippers is not raised too high, making it easy for the slippers to get stuck at the bottom of the brake pedal, causing a long delay in the timing of applying the brake, and even causing the feet to separate from the slippers. In short, wearing slippers while driving can reduce the flexibility of the feet, make it difficult to brake in a timely manner, and easily separate the feet and shoes, resulting in the inability to brake, which poses a higher risk.

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  In addition to slippers, high heels cannot be worn while driving, and slope heels, snow boots, and so on cannot be worn. Barefoot driving is also prohibited. Any shoe with a very thick sole, a very wide upper, a high heel, and poor fit to the foot is not suitable for driving. So, what kind of shoes are suitable for driving? Lightweight flat shoes, canvas shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, etc., with a high fit to the foot and a thin sole. With a high fit to the foot, the movement of the foot is more flexible. The sole of the shoe is thin, making it easy to grasp the force of the brake and accelerator. If the sole is too thick, stepping on it will not feel good, and it is difficult to grasp the force. If you like to wear slippers, high heels, and other things, you can keep a pair of flat shoes suitable for driving in the car. Change them before driving and then change them after getting off the car. It's not too troublesome and driving will be safer. In fact, many people do this by changing their shoes before getting on or off the car, which is responsible for their own and others' safety.

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