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When picking up a new car, the brake discs were rusty. Has someone driven it before?

Views: 0     Author: Wondee Autoparts     Publish Time: 2024-02-28      Origin: Wondee Autoparts


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When picking up a new car, everyone checks it carefully, usually focusing on the appearance. Many people have encountered this situation where the brake discs are rusted. Believing that the new car's brake discs are rusty and abnormal, suspecting that this is not a new car? Has someone driven it before? Actually not, rusted brake discs are a normal phenomenon. The brake discs are made of iron material and have not undergone any rust prevention treatment on them. As long as the parking environment is too humid, any car will rust. We cannot use this to determine if there is a problem with the car, as this is a normal phenomenon.

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Many new cars at 4S stores are parked outdoors for one or two months. If it rains or gets cloudy for two or three days, the brake discs will rust. Even in a garage, if the environment is damp, it can still rust. So it is normal for the new car's brake discs to rust, and it cannot be used to determine if there is a problem with the car. However, when picking up the car, it is important to carefully inspect the brake discs and observe their wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear may result in being driven over a long distance, and many 4S stores will switch cars between different stores using a direct driving method. Some adjustments will be made to the odometer, but the wear on the brake discs cannot be concealed, and driving always requires braking. So if the new car's brake discs rust, it can actually indicate that the car has been parked here for a long time and has not been driven. Check if there is any rust on other components on the chassis again. If there is no rust, you can pick up the car.

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Although some cars may appear to have severe rust, it is only on the surface and will not affect the lifespan of the brake discs. After all, the storage time is short, one or two months, even if the environment is humid, it will not rust deeply. As long as you drive a few kilometers and apply the brakes a few more times, the surface rust will be worn off and the brake discs will look very shiny. Iron is prone to rusting in humid environments, and even when a car is purchased and stored on its own, it will rust. If it is cloudy or rainy, you can see rust on it if you don't drive it for three to five days. Sometimes, due to rust, the brake pads and discs stick together, and when driving, you may hear a clicking sound from the rear of the vehicle, which then returns to normal. This is caused by rust.

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Whether it's a new or old car, rusting brake discs is not a quality issue and is related to the parking environment. If it rusts, there is no need to handle it, no need to polish it, and no need to do rust prevention treatment. It can be driven normally. When stepping on the brake, the brake pads will wear off the rust. The areas where the brake pads cannot be worn will not affect the braking performance, but may slightly affect the appearance. But this is unavoidable. Cars that are driven every day generally do not rust, and as long as they are left unused frequently, many will rust. If the vehicle needs to be parked for a long time, it is best not to park in a damp environment, as occasional exposure to the sun is also beneficial. Damp environments can also affect the lifespan of electronic products, such as computer modules and sensors, and can shorten their lifespan.

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