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When maintaining a vehicle, remember to check these four items

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When doing maintenance in a repair shop, you usually do whatever maintenance is needed, and do not conduct detailed inspections on other items. At most, you can take a glance during maintenance. There are many free inspection items for maintenance at 4S stores, which are included in the manufacturer's prescribed maintenance process and are mandatory. But in actual operation, some maintenance technicians may omit some parts or forget to do them. There will be many people who do not check the following items, and sometimes the car owner may forget to remind them. After the maintenance is completed and they come back home, they cannot go back again. So it's best to learn how to do simple self checks, especially before running long distances, in case of unexpected needs.

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1. Inspection of spare tire and on-board tools

Normally used tires should be checked, and the tire pressure should also be checked, so it is generally not forgotten. However, many maintenance technicians do not inspect the tire pressure and aging of the spare tire, mainly because inflating the spare tire requires removing it, which is quite troublesome. Sometimes, when a spare tire is needed, it also runs out of air, causing unnecessary trouble for the car owner. The pressure of the spare tire is the basis for inspection, and sometimes it is inconvenient to inflate. Experienced technicians can roughly determine whether the pressure is sufficient by pressing it with their hands, so there is no need to take it out and measure it with a pressure gauge. Vehicle tools also need to be checked, especially tools for changing spare tires and warning triangles.

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2. Inspection of glass water and wiper blades

Because glass water does not have a graduated scale, it is difficult to inspect without special tools. Some 4S stores will inspect it when going for maintenance, while most stores do not. You can find a long rubber stick or soft iron wire by yourself and insert it into the filling port for inspection. If not checked, you can carry a bottle with your car and add it when it's gone. The wiper blades do not have a fixed lifespan, and if they cannot be wiped clean, they need to be replaced. Everyone's requirements are also different, some need to be very clean, while others can be easily seen. So this type of small component can be inspected, replaced, and the operation of replacing the wiper blades is very simple.

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3. Engine computer detection

If the car only needs maintenance and there are no electronic component malfunctions to be checked, many stores will not use computers to check the vehicle. However, in actual free inspection projects, this is also the most basic inspection. Firstly, check the fault codes to see if there are any hidden faults in electronic components. Sometimes when the fault light is on and not on, it indicates that the component is about to be damaged or there is a problem with the wiring. At this time, the detection will store fault codes, which can identify which component has the problem. Secondly, it is to check the data flow to see if the data of each sensor and module is normal. Some data that is abnormal will not report a fault code, and can only be known by reading the data flow. So computer detection is necessary for novice drivers.

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      4. Bearings and ball joints

The bearings of the four wheels and the special pull rod ball joints should also be a routine inspection item, and there may be damages. Generally, when changing the oil and lifting the car, check it by shaking it with your hands. If the gap feels too large, remind the owner to replace it. Some novice drivers cannot feel the looseness of the bearings or ball joints, and can only eliminate hidden dangers by inspecting the vehicle. This type of inspection requires a certain amount of experience, so sometimes interns who are doing maintenance there cannot check this item. Even experienced technicians who perform maintenance often overlook or forget it.

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