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When encountering tires for promotion, don't just be greedy for cheap prices, be careful when buying inventory tires

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When buying a car, everyone is unwilling to buy a stock car. When picking up the car, they will check the production date. Changing tires may also buy stock tires, but most people do not check the production date of tires. Car maintenance and replacement parts, those metal parts, do not matter the production date. Even if they have been produced for a long time, as long as they do not rust, they will not affect their use. But tires are made of rubber products, and even if not kept constantly, they will age and their service life will be shortened after aging. The service life of a tire is about 5 years, whether it is placed or used continuously, it is recommended to replace it after 5 years. If you buy a new tire that has been stored for two years, it actually only has a lifespan of three years, which is not cost-effective.

inventory tires (1)

Some unscrupulous merchants will sell this type of tire at a low price and quickly sell it under the guise of a promotional event. Although the tire is cheaper, its service life is also shortened. As for whether it is cost-effective for us to replace this type of tire, it also depends on the degree of discount. If the discount is significant and half the price is cheaper, it is still cost-effective, but it is rare to have such a big discount. Of course, some tires do not have promotional activities, and the production date may be quite long. Therefore, no matter where we replace the tire, we must not forget to check the production date of the tire, and it is best to have it within six months. Usually, when going to a tire or 4S store with good business, it is rare to encounter inventory tires because there are many tires that need to be replaced, and the tire flow is good. When new tires are purchased, they can be sold quickly.

inventory tires (2)

How to look at the production date? It's simple, find the three letters DOT on the tire, followed by several sets of numbers and letters, and the last set of numbers is the production date of the tire. In an ellipse, there are four numbers. The first two numbers represent the week of production, and the last two numbers represent the year. You can also directly find an ellipse with four numbers. As shown in the above figure, the production date of Figure 1 is the 10th week of 2017, and the production date of Figure 2 is the 12th week of 2011. The production date is easy to find. Some tires have both sides, while others have only one side. If you can't find it, look for both sides.

inventory tires (3)

The tire model should also be consistent with the original car, such as the 185/60R14 82H shown in the above picture. This is the basic tire model, and it is best to be the same as the original car. 185 is the tire width, which is the most standard for fitting with the wheel hub. In fact, a smaller or larger model can also be installed, but it is not the most suitable one. 60 represents the flat ratio of the tire, R represents the radial tire, and 14 represents the diameter of the applicable wheel hub, all of which must be the same. The key point is to pay attention to the following two numbers 82H. 82 represents the load level, and the larger the number, the greater the load capacity. The maximum load capacity corresponding to 82 is 475 kilograms. H represents the speed level, which means how fast you can run at the top speed. The higher the number, the higher the speed. H corresponds to 210km/h. Even if the number in front of the tire model is the same, the price varies depending on the load level and speed level. We should choose a tire that is equal to or higher than the original vehicle level, and not lower than the original vehicle level.

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