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What should we do when encountering agglomerate fog while driving on the highway? Here are a few tips

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Autumn has arrived, and the season of mist has begun. A fog is essentially a fog, just a small area, a small cluster of fog that gathers together. During the driving process, the line of sight was always good. Suddenly, fog appeared in front, causing low visibility and a decrease in line of sight. After a short distance of road, there was no fog again, and the line of sight returned to normal. This is when we encountered a cluster of fog. The distance of the fog is generally not too long, some are only a few hundred meters, and some may be several kilometers. It often occurs in relatively open roads with many flowers, plants, and trees. Some fogs are relatively small and have little impact on the line of sight, while others are very foggy and have very low visibility.

       agglomerate fog (1)

  The fog is not easy to predict and has a strong suddenness. If you drive recklessly into the fog area, your line of sight suddenly becomes very poor, and there is a high possibility of serious traffic accidents. It's like driving through a tunnel, where there are no lights and it's pitch black, and the car doesn't turn on its lights. If you rush in quickly, the consequences can be imagined. So there is a fog ahead, we must take measures in advance. What should we do? The first step is to slow down. The fog can be seen in advance, that is, there is fog ahead, but the size of the fog cannot be seen, and many drivers do not take it seriously and continue to drive normally.

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If you don't slow down and keep charging forward, you may not have enough time to slow down again until you come close and realize low visibility. It is possible to overtake the front car by oneself, or it is possible to be overtaken by the rear car due to sudden braking. During driving, the line of sight was always good, and suddenly I saw fog ahead. Regardless of the size of the fog, I had to apply the brakes in advance. At the beginning, don't slow down too fast to avoid being hit by the rear end. First, gently apply the brake to make the brake lights light up, and the speed change is minimal to make the following car notice you. As the distance from the fog gets closer and closer, the braking force gradually increases. The amount of speed reduction depends on the situation at the time, and it is important to avoid sudden braking.

       agglomerate fog (3)

    If you notice a large amount of fog when approaching, you need to slow down your vehicle speed and then turn on the dual flashing lights, front headlights, and front and rear fog lights to further reduce your speed and drive slowly. If there is no traffic jam, do not change lanes randomly or stop hastily. Maintain a good distance from the car in front and follow the car slowly. At this point, it is easy to be rear-ended when parking, and it is best not to stop in the emergency lane unless the fog is very heavy and it is impossible to drive. Choose to park in the emergency lane, take protective measures, and transfer personnel outside the high-speed guardrail.

       agglomerate fog (4)

      Everyone should not underestimate the harm of fog and believe that the visibility around is good, with only a small distance and poor visibility, resulting in obvious visual impairments. If you don't pay attention to precautions, it's easy to rush into the fog at high speed, and your line of sight suddenly drops significantly. At this point, it's too late to brake again. If there is a car moving slowly ahead, it's also easy to catch up with the car in front. The fog is greatly affected by the geographical environment, so there are usually warning signs on sections prone to fog, indicating that the road ahead is prone to fog. Please drive carefully. When you see the warning sign and happen to see fog ahead, you should think of it as a fog. Be sure to start paying attention to your speed and be vigilant. The warning signs on the highway should be taken seriously, such as the accident prone road ahead, pay attention to crosswind, continuous downhill, etc. When you see these warning signs, you should drive carefully. This road section must be different from other sections.

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