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What's wrong with water inside the headlights? What is the impact?

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Every time it rains or after washing the car, some cars will have water droplets inside the headlights, while others will be mild and only have some fog. In fact, this is abnormal and is caused by the poor sealing of the headlights. Under normal circumstances, no matter how heavy the rain or washing the car, there should be no water or fog inside the headlights. The entire headlight is sealed, and even the place where the light bulb is installed has a rubber cover. Even if the cover is not tightly closed and there are gaps, water usually does not enter from here. Because this area is covered by the hood, rainwater cannot come here, and most of the water enters through the gap between the lampshade and the rear shell.

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The lampshade and rear shell of the headlights are two parts, not one, they are glued together. If there is a loose seal, it is usually due to a loose seal somewhere between them. How to search? Remove the headlights, apply soapy water to the joint between the two, remove the light bulb, blow compressed air inward from the hole where the light bulb is installed, and carefully observe where bubbles are generated at the joint. The area with bubbles is the poorly sealed area, and water enters from here. If the headlights have not been hit or injured, most of the reasons for water ingress are due to poor sealing here. The general solution is to apply glue to the leaking area. If the car is not under warranty, you should request to replace the headlight assembly directly, and the 4S store will also replace it. If the headlights have been hit, the first step should be to check for any external injuries, as there is a high possibility that a crack in the headlight may have caused a loose seal.

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Does water ingress into the headlights have any impact? Firstly, it will affect the brightness of the headlights. If there is not too much water entering, it will be some small water droplets or mist that just attach to the lampshade of the headlights. The light needs to pass through these water droplets to shine out. Part of the light will reflect and refract, ultimately leading to insufficient brightness of the headlights and poor visibility when driving at night. Secondly, if there is a large amount of water, there is a risk of short circuits. The connection line of a light bulb is a regular plug. Once water enters the bulb plug, it will cause a short circuit. After a short circuit, not only will the plug burn out, but there is also a risk of self ignition. So if the headlights have slight water ingress, they can be towed for a while. When maintaining the car, they should be dealt with together. If the water ingress is severe, it should be repaired in a timely manner.

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How can I dry it myself with slight moisture? It's very simple, just turn on the headlights and you don't need to do any special work. After turning on the headlights, the light bulb will emit heat. As the headlights are sealed, the heat will not dissipate quickly, and the temperature of the lampshade is relatively high. After driving for a long time, we can also touch it with our hands, and we can clearly feel that the lampshade is very hot. The heat of the lampshade will cause water droplets to evaporate and form water vapor, which will be emitted from less tightly sealed areas. One thing to note is that do not cover the lampshade with a towel to increase its heat, as this can cause the lampshade to have high heat and burn out. Do not use a hair dryer or other equipment to bake from outside, as it can also damage the lampshade, age the lampshade, or even change its color.

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