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What's wrong with the odor of car air conditioning? How to eliminate it?

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The temperature is rising day by day, and it is about to enter the season of using air conditioning. In winter, warm air is used, and the air conditioning system has been unused for most of the year. When the air conditioning is turned on a few times, many cars will produce a strange odor, some are moldy, some are foul smelling, and there is an indescribable odor. If there is any odor, it should be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will affect our physical health. So where does the odor come from? How to eliminate the odor?

Air conditioning odor (1)

The most likely cause is that the air conditioning core and evaporator box are dirty. The solution is simple, just replace the air conditioning core and clean the evaporator box. In winter, air conditioning units are also used for heating, regardless of whether the air is warm or cold, using the same filter element. After a winter of use, almost all car air conditioning filters are very dirty, and you can remove and inspect them yourself. The air conditioning filter is very dirty. When the air conditioning is turned on, water will be produced on the evaporator box. The air and humidity passing through the air conditioning filter are relatively high, which will produce some mold and eventually produce an odor. So if there is any odor, check the air conditioning filter first. Do not wash the air conditioning first. If the air conditioning filter is dirty, replace it. The odor in most cars will disappear. If there is still odor, clean the air conditioning evaporator box.

Air conditioning odor (2)

The reason for the odor generated by the evaporator is similar to that of the air conditioning filter element, which is also due to the presence of water and dirt on the surface. If it does not dry for a long time, it will breed mold and produce an odor. Cleaning the air conditioner mainly involves cleaning the evaporator, removing any dirt on the surface, killing mold, and eliminating odors. At the same time, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will also be improved. Air conditioning is often used in summer, and keeping the evaporator dry after parking is the best way to avoid the production of mold. How to do it? When approaching the destination, turn off the AC switch in advance, but do not turn off the air volume. Continue blowing air to increase the temperature of the evaporator box, so that the surface no longer produces water. Blowing air can also dry the water that has already been produced. The blowing time does not need to be too long, otherwise the car will also feel very hot and uncomfortable. Just turn off the AC switch about three or four minutes in advance.

Air conditioning odor (3)

The above mentioned are the most common odors and moldy odors, which are relatively easy to solve. Sometimes other odors may also appear, such as burnt or putrid odor. There is a burnt smell, which is commonly caused by plastic bags sticking to the exhaust pipe and baking. Especially those light and thin plastic bags, if the car steps over them, it is easy to stick to the exhaust pipe, emit a burnt smell after baking, and be sucked into the driver's cabin through the air conditioning intake. If not cleaned up in a timely manner, this smell will last for a long time and cannot dissipate for several days, so it is best not to cross over plastic bags on the road. If there is a foul odor, the first thing to consider is that external odors have entered the driver's cabin. Perhaps you have parked at the sewer outlet and need to look elsewhere to see if it still exists. If there is a foul odor everywhere, open the engine compartment to check if there are any dead small animals. This situation is relatively rare, but it can also occur occasionally.

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