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What means about the Automobile Recall? Can I buy the recalled car models?

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Any car recall indicates that the model has quality issues and safety hazards. Some cars have quality issues with a certain component, and a large number of cars will malfunction shortly after use. Any car that uses this component is within the scope of recall. Some assembly processes in certain areas have issues, such as using two short bolts instead of one long bolt, which can lead to some problems in the future. Improper positioning of two accessories can easily cause interference, etc. When the manufacturer discovers this defect, they can identify the cause and come up with a reasonable solution, and then report to the relevant national departments for approval and recall the vehicle.

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Recall is to notify the owners of these vehicles to take them to a 4S dealership for free replacement or upgrading of defective parts, not the entire vehicle. The recall of minor issues will only eliminate faults and hidden dangers, while the recall of major issues may also provide slight subsidies to car owners. The notification to the car owner is usually done by the 4S dealership, and the dealership usually notifies which dealership sells the car. Car owners can also learn about the news through the internet, television, and other news, and take the initiative to repair or replace it. Any 4S store is fine, there is no need to go to the 4S store where you want to buy a car. Each store follows the unified standards required by the manufacturer. In addition, the recall is not related to the warranty period, as long as it is within the recall scope, even if the warranty period has expired, it will be replaced for free.

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No matter what brand of vehicle, there will be a recall issue. So if this model is recalled, can we still purchase it in the future? The vast majority of them can be purchased because most recalls can completely solve the problems or hidden dangers, and the cars produced later use improved parts or processes, so there will be no issues with previous recalls. For example, if a certain component has a defect and can be replaced, it can be resolved. If there are no other issues, such a car can be purchased. Some can solve the hidden dangers of this car by simply changing a small craft or upgrading a computer program, and can be purchased. However, if the manufacturer's solution cannot completely solve the faults or hidden dangers of the vehicle model, or if the effect of the solution is unknown, it is necessary to wait for a period of time to determine whether it is useful. It is best not to purchase this type of vehicle temporarily, and to wait to see if the manufacturer's recall plan can completely solve the original problem before making a decision. If you are concerned about the issue of increased engine oil in a certain car model, some people say it can be solved after the recall, while others say it doesn't work.

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People don't need to pay too much attention to recall issues. Being able to recall indicates that the manufacturer has a sense of responsibility and can take responsibility for their own products. Most cars have their own common problems, such as a high probability of a damaged component, and if there are no safety hazards, the manufacturer may not necessarily recall it. Or there may be some minor issues, such as computer software upgrades, insufficient torque for a certain screw that needs to be tightened, etc. The 4S store will also secretly fix them when you go for maintenance. So it's not that cars with more recalls have poor quality, cars without recalls have no problems. Buying a car should still be based on actual experience and the long-term reputation of the model.

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