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What are the key inspections to focus on for vehicles that have traveled over 100000 kilometers?

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A pure family car that travels over 100000 kilometers should not have a short service life, at least five years or more. There are many rubber components on the car that start to age after five or six years of use, and some of them can become very old. Therefore, for vehicles with a mileage of over 100000 kilometers, when conducting inspections, it is necessary to focus on checking the aging degree of each component from the perspective of service life. In terms of mileage, it is important to focus on checking the wear degree of certain components. Some routine checks need to be done every time, such as tire pressure, lighting, engine oil, and so on. Vehicles with long mileage and service life should have more inspection items, with the following four key inspection points.

       key inspections (1)

      1. Aging of various rubber sleeves.

The rubber sleeves that can age and have an impact include the triangular arm rubber sleeve, the half axle dust cover, the steering rod ball joint dust cover, and the engine foot pad.

In addition to aging, the triangular arm rubber sleeve may also fall off, which means that the position of the triangular arm changes, causing interference and friction with surrounding components during bumping, resulting in abnormal noise. Severe cases can lead to unstable direction and pose a danger when driving at high speeds, so the triangular arm glue needs to be replaced in a timely manner due to severe cracking.

The half shaft dust cover is mainly used to seal the lubricating grease inside, and external dirt cannot enter it. If it breaks down, the lubricating grease will be thrown out, and dirt and impurities will also enter, affecting the service life of the ball cage or ball head.

The engine foot pads may age and leak hydraulic oil, losing their cushioning and shock absorption effect. Sitting in the car can cause noticeable shaking, which affects comfort. Many old cars have obvious shaking and poor comfort. Many people think that the car is just like this when it gets old, but in fact, it's not. It's possible that replacing or repairing a few small components can significantly improve comfort.

       key inspections (2)

       2. Oil leakage of each oil seal.

There are not many oil seals on the car, but there is a possibility of oil leakage in each seal. Slight oil leakage in the oil seal can be avoided from maintenance and has no significant impact. When the oil leakage is slightly severe, it must be repaired. Not repairing may cause fuel shortage and affect the lifespan of the vehicle. A large amount of oil vapor is also generated in the engine compartment, which corrodes the wiring and rubber In summer, the temperature is high and there is also a risk of spontaneous combustion, which can produce an unpleasant odor. Turning on the air conditioning will introduce it into the driver's cabin. The key sealing components to be inspected include valve cover gasket, crankshaft front and rear oil seals, torque converter oil seal, and oil pan gasket. These are common oil leakage situations. After driving for many years and limiting the mileage, most cars will have one or two areas of oil leakage.

       key inspections (3)

3. Check and replace brake discs, tires, belts, etc.

These items have a long lifespan, a long replacement cycle, are easily overlooked, and affect safety. Many car brake discs need to be replaced after reaching over 100000 kilometers. If you check, it depends on the depth of wear. If one side reaches more than two millimeters, it needs to be replaced, otherwise the brake disc is too thin and is prone to fracture and damage in extreme situations. In terms of wear and tear, the lifespan of a tire is also over 100000 kilometers. Of course, if the lifespan is extended to five years, it should also be replaced. Next is the inspection of the belt. Many car accessory belts are also replaced after tens of thousands of kilometers, mainly to check their aging degree. If there are many cracks, it indicates aging and needs to be replaced. If there are no cracks, it indicates that there is no aging and can still be used.

       key inspections (4)

       4. Inspection of spark plugs and carbon deposits.

These two factors are related to engine power, and many cars experience a significant decrease in power after increasing mileage, with these two factors having the greatest impact. Many cars use platinum spark plugs, with replacement mileage ranging from 80000 to 100000 kilometers. If they have not been replaced, even if they can still be used, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Those using ordinary spark plugs should also be replaced a second time. Many cars do not regularly clean carbon deposits, so there must be a lot of carbon deposits in both the throttle valve and the cylinder after tens of thousands of kilometers. Excessive carbon deposits affect power and fuel consumption.

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