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The timing belt needs to be replaced regularly, and does the timing chain also need to be replaced regularly?

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Previously, most cars used timing belts, but now more and more cars are using timing chains, and even some low-end cars are using chains. The belt is made of rubber and is prone to breakage, which can damage the engine. Therefore, it needs to be replaced regularly, usually every 3-5 years and 60000 to 80000 kilometers. Do timing chains also need to be replaced regularly? How often does it change?

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The chain also needs to be replaced, but it does not need to be replaced regularly. Depending on the actual situation, it can be replaced if there is a malfunction or abnormal noise. If there are no abnormalities, it does not need to be replaced. The chain will not break, but it will be stretched. If it is stretched or there is a malfunction in the tensioner, the chain will jump teeth, and jumping teeth can also damage the engine by pushing the valve. Those who have ridden bicycles should know that the chain of a bicycle can also be stretched over time. Even a small amount of human force can make the chain longer, let alone the immense power of the engine. The chain has a tensioner, which will rotate outward after stretching and continue to tighten the chain. When the tensioner is adjusted to its limit, the chain cannot be adjusted if it is further stretched. It is best to replace it at this time.

If the chain is stretched, there may be abnormalities, such as the fault light coming on, or obvious abnormal noises during idle. At this point, it needs to be replaced. If not replaced, it may cause abnormal power and excessive noise, and in severe cases, it may cause gear jumping, further affecting power. After jumping one tooth, the timing will be incorrect and basically unable to drive normally. Jumping two teeth will push the valve. Some cars can be checked by a computer to determine whether they need to be replaced. If the maximum value is exceeded, even if there are no abnormalities at present, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner. Otherwise, the possibility of tooth popping is very high. In the past, the Volkswagen series cars had more frequent chain replacement, which caused more malfunctions, probably due to issues with the tensioner.

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The lifespan of the chain varies greatly depending on the vehicle model. Some cars can be left unchanged for life without any problems, while others need to be replaced after less than 100000 kilometers, and without replacement, they cannot be used normally. Most cars can last for 150000 to 200000 kilometers, and even if there are no problems after 200000 kilometers, it is best to replace them. The length of service life also depends on the condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle is frequently operated with heavy loads and is driven aggressively, the length of the chain that is stretched will be shortened. Usually, driving is gentle, with a low load, and the mileage of the chain being stretched will be very long. Generally speaking, at around 150000 kilometers, the chains of most cars are stretched and there is a noise.

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The timing chain is a very important component in the car, and replacement requires high technology and specialized tools. The key is to align the timing. If the timing is incorrect, starting the vehicle can easily damage the valves. So it's best to replace it at the 4S store, using original parts. The 4S store's specialized tools are also complete, and the technology is guaranteed. After the replacement, there will generally be no problems. However, the price is relatively high. If you exchange it for a few thousand yuan, the labor cost alone can reach around 2000 yuan. Of course, if you can find a reliable repair shop outside and are familiar with this model, you can also replace it outside, and the price will be much cheaper.

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