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The most fuel-efficient driving habits

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It is normal for a car's fuel consumption to fluctuate depending on its usage. For example, in summer, the fuel consumption with air conditioning on will definitely be higher, and in winter, due to low temperatures, the fuel consumption will also be higher. In addition, there are many other reasons, many of which we can control or solve, and we should try to avoid them when using the car. For a family car, most car owners are still concerned about fuel consumption, and they can even detect an increase in fuel consumption. Under normal circumstances, fuel consumption increases and the vehicle itself does not have any malfunctions. The reasons may be the following, which can be resolved by oneself.

       fuel-efficient driving habits (1)

       1. Problems with the vehicle itself, such as low tire pressure and excessive storage in the trunk, can increase the vehicle's load. If the tire pressure is low, the vehicle's resistance will increase, and fuel consumption will definitely increase. The trunk always carries a lot of unnecessary things, which increases the vehicle's load and fuel consumption. These two are usage related issues, which are relatively simple but easily overlooked.

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       2. There are problems with the maintenance of the car itself, such as failure to maintain it in a timely manner and failure to replace components that have reached their lifespan. Basic maintenance is very important in daily life, as it not only affects the lifespan of the engine, but also has an impact on fuel consumption. Dirty engine oil will result in poor lubrication, increased vehicle resistance, and increased fuel consumption. Dirty air filter can affect intake efficiency, resulting in high intake resistance and poor efficiency, leading to incomplete combustion. Unburned gasoline is wasted and fuel consumption increases. Dirty gasoline filter can affect the pressure of the fuel circuit, causing the fuel injection pressure to not meet the requirements, and also leading to incomplete combustion and increased fuel consumption.

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     3. In addition to basic maintenance, spark plugs and engine carbon deposits are important factors affecting fuel consumption. Spark plugs have poor ignition ability and can delay ignition time. Improper ignition time can result in suboptimal efficiency and insufficient energy utilization. There is also a possibility of incomplete combustion, which can lead to increased fuel consumption. Special attention should be paid to the spark plug, and even if it is not replaced during the replacement cycle, it should be checked because if it is not damaged and the ignition ability is poor, it can still be used. We do not feel a decrease in power, but it will definitely lead to an increase in fuel consumption. If there is a lot of carbon buildup in the throttle valve, intake duct, and cylinder, it can also affect combustion efficiency and fuel consumption. If necessary, it should be cleaned.

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       4. Issues related to vehicle driving, as well as personal driving skills and habits, can affect fuel consumption. For example, when starting and driving, it is normal to have a fuel consumption difference of one hundred kilometers compared to stepping on the accelerator with big feet and slowly refueling. Poor driving skills, poor predictive ability, refueling when it's time to throttle down, and excessive braking can all lead to increased fuel consumption. In short, driving skills have a significant impact on fuel consumption, and beginners can quickly improve by practicing more, thinking more, and summarizing more. Next, there are also issues with driving habits, such as prolonged idling. If waiting for someone or buying something exceeds three minutes, it is best to turn off the engine and wait, which can save fuel and reduce exhaust emissions, and protect the environment.

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