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The cooling effect of the car air conditioner is not good. Don't rush to fill it with fluorine, check these items first

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The problem of car air conditioning not cooling at all is relatively easy to repair, because the fault phenomenon is obvious and there must be a problem with the components. It is not easy to solve situations where there is sometimes no malfunction or the cooling is not enough despite cooling. What we are going to talk about today is the possible problems with poor air conditioning cooling performance. This situation may or may not have a malfunction. Don't blindly inflate fluorine without cooling, wasting money. Some car air conditioners have poor cooling performance, and driving in the sun always feels very hot, which cannot be repaired and is a normal phenomenon. So how to check if there is a problem with the air conditioning cooling? Can you check it yourself?

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  In fact, it is very simple, you can check it yourself, the first step is to measure the temperature of the air outlet, which is also the most critical step. Find a temperature gauge, home can also be, as long as you can measure the temperature. Set the cooling temperature to the lowest, the air volume can be hit to the first gear, set to the internal circulation mode, measure the temperature of the air coming out of the middle outlet, you have to insert the temperature meter to the inside of the outlet. Wait a few minutes and then read the results, no matter what car, generally below 10 degrees even if it is normal. Due to the compressor is different, the lowest temperature has a big difference, some cars can go to four or five degrees, the air conditioning open very low feel very cold, some can only go to eight or nine degrees, the air conditioning can only be opened to the lowest do not feel hot. Do not use the external circulation, using the external circulation of the air temperature will be increased, if the air volume is adjusted up, the outlet temperature will also be increased, not the larger the air volume, the lower the temperature display, but on the contrary, the air volume is small measured temperature is low.

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      If the air outlet temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it means that the air conditioning system is not malfunctioning and the cooling is normal. But still do not feel cool what is wrong? Need to consider the air conditioning core is dirty or evaporator box is dirty. First of all, replace the air conditioning core and try again, the actual encountered cars, the vast majority of the replacement of the air conditioning core on the normal. Secondly, clean the air conditioning evaporator box, the evaporator box is dirty will also lead to small air volume. Why does a small air volume lead to poor quality results? This is because although the outlet temperature is low enough, but the wind volume is small, the cold air blown into the compartment is very little, naturally feel the heat, and home air conditioning is the same, the larger the wind volume, the lower the temperature, the better the cooling effect.

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       If the air outlet temperature is relatively high, generally to about 15 degrees, the temperature is a little high inside the car will feel very hot, the air conditioning out of the wind almost do not feel cool. This indicates that there is a problem with the air conditioning system, so don't look for faults in the air conditioning core and evaporator box. First check whether the condenser is dirty, you can wash the car when the focus on rinsing, it is in the front of the car, it is easy to rinse to. Dirty condenser will affect the refrigerant heat dissipation, the heat of the refrigerant can not be emitted, will definitely lead to poor cooling effect. If the condenser is not dirty, either the amount of refrigerant is insufficient and it really needs to be recharged. Either other parts of the air-conditioning system are damaged, such as the compressor, expansion valve, etc., which requires a certain amount of experience and the use of special instruments to find out.

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