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5T Middle-mounted Type Lifting Air Suspension for Trailer for American Market

  • 20+ years production experience (since 1999)
  • Implementing IATF 16949-2016
  • Implementing ISO 9001-2015
  • Quality testing by an independent lab
  • Warranty: 18 months since shipping date
  • Sales volume (sets): 50,000+
  • 95%+ self-produced parts 
  • Welding by automatic CNC robots/lines
  • Quality claim rate: under 0.1%
  • 98% on-time delivery


Application of air suspension

A semi-trailer suspension is an important part connecting the traveling device and the frame of the semi-trailer.

All forces are all transmitted through the suspension system. And the suspension reduces the impact of harsh roads on the vehicle, plays a shock absorption effect, and improves the ride comfort of the vehicle.

Semi-trailer suspensions are widely applied to skeletal trailers, lowbed trailers, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, car transport trailers, oil tank trailers, van trailers, full trailers, wood transport trailers, agricultrucal vehicles, etc. Classification of suspension indlude German series suspensions, American series suspensions, bogie/boogie suspension series, air suspension series, rigid suspension series, YORK suspensions, ROR suspensions, HENRED suspensions, semi-trailer suspensions, trailer suspensions and agricultural series, etc.

Air suspension refers to the suspension using air shock absorbers, mainly through the air pump to adjust the air volume and pressure of the air shock absorber, which can change the hardness and elastic coefficient of the air shock absorber. By adjusting the amount of air pumped in, the stroke and length of the air shock absorber can be adjusted, and the chassis can be raised or lowered. The air suspension system is a very advanced and practical configuration. It uses the increased rigidity of the enclosed gas in the air spring after being compressed, that is, as the air spring is continuously compressed, its stiffness gradually increases, and at the same time, the internal gas follows the air spring. Being compressed or elongated and pressed in or out, the air suspension system has close to ideal dynamic elastic characteristics. In a broad sense, air suspension is a suspension that uses air springs as elastic elements.

For more about WONDEE Suspensions Project, please click:

suspension project


QC management systemImplementing IATF 16949-2016
Services quality management systemImplementing ISO 9001-2015
Warranty18 months since shipping date
Quality testing passedAn independent lab in China
Raw material for suspensionsQ235 from China's TOP-3 steel mills can achieve a longer life under higher loads
Steel plate cutting byCNC Plasma Cutting Machines
Press forming by40-800 ton hydraulic press machines with hundreds of precision molds
Hanger welding byAutomatic CNC welding robots/lines with hundreds of precise fixture toolings
Smooth surface byShot-peening
Painting byAutomatic coating line
Producing leaf springs and casting parts byOurselves to ensure the lead time and quality are under control
Equalizer bushesUsing taper or greaseless powdered metal ones to be more durable
Arm bushesUsing natural rubber ones to be more durable
Adjustable arms screw byGalvanized anti-rust treatment
Sets of annual output50,000+
Overseas market30+ countries (Austraulia, Polland, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Panama, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc.)
Clients (overseas)100+
Land area (square meters)18,000+
Number of equipments (sets)200+
Available certificatesCOC, PVOC, CIQ, SONCAP, C/O, FORM E, FORM A.

Comprehensive Info of Suspensions:

Suspension typesGerman series suspensions, American series suspensions, bogie/boogie suspension series, air suspension series, rigid suspension series, YORK suspensions, ROR suspensions, HENRED suspensions, semi-trailer suspensions, trailer suspensions and agricultural series, etc.
Interchangeable brands

BPW suspensions, FUWA suspension, YORK suspensions, ROR suspensions, HENRED suspensions.

ReplacementsFW880201A, FW880202A, FW880203A, FW880201B, FW880202B, FW880203B, FW880301A, FW880302A, FW880303A, FW880301B, FW880302B, FW880303B, FW860201A, FW860202A, FW860203A, FW860201B, FW860202B, FW860203B, FW860301A, FW860302A, FW860303A, FW860301B, FW860302B, FW860303B, FW86.2/1310/250/BQ6/9, FW86.2/1360/250/BQ6/9, FW86.3/1310/250/BQ6/9, FW86.3/1360/250/BQ6/9.
Quantity of installed axles including1-axle suspensions, 2-axle suspensions, 3-axle suspensions, 4-axle suspensions, etc.
Position of installed axles includingOverslung & underslung suspensions
Type of installed axle beams includingSquare & round axle beam suspensions
Hanger thickness6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
Equalizer thickness8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm
Equalizer pin diameter50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm
Axis (torque arm pin) diameter28 mm, 36 mm
Arm bushesNatural rubber, composite bushings, urethane rubber, used rubber, etc.
Leaf springs90x16x7 leaves, 90x16x9 leaves, 100x16x10 leaves, 100x12x12 leaves, 100x12x14 leaves, 100x14x12 leaves, 75x13x8 leaves, 75x13x9 leaves, 75x14x8 leaves, 75x14x9 leaves, etc.
ColorsRed, black, grey, blue, etc.
Optional parts/componentsFront hangers, rear hangers, center hangers, equalizers, equalizer pins, equalizer   bushes, brackets, axle seats, axises, bushes, leaf springs, U-bolts, bolts, fixed arms, adjustable arms, hanger spacers, reinforcing plates, reinforcing brackets for equalizers, etc.
Package* 30 sets~35 sets of suspensions with leaf springs in one 20 ft container;

* 60 sets~70 sets of suspensions without leaf spring in one 20 ft container;

* Mixed load with other trailer parts.

Standards implementedIATF 16949-2016, ISO 9001-2015.
PaymentTT, LC, DP.
Lead timeAbout 10~15 working days
MOQ1 set


Middle-mounted type Air Suspension Series:

WONDEE middle-mounted type air suspension (2)

Model Axle Lift Axle Beam
Air Bag
WDBS05R001 5000 Φ127 550 886 660 600 200 80
WDBS05R002 5000 Φ127 550 926 660 680 200 80
WDBS05R003 5000 Φ127 550 1286 660 680 240 80
WDBS05S004 5000 □150 550 886 660 600 200 80
WDBS05S005 5000 □150 550 926 660 680 200 80
WDBS05S006 5000 □150 550 1286 660 680 240 80


Workshops of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer suspensions:

WONDEE Trailer suspension workshops

(Raw material workshops, Components workshops, Mechanical suspension processing workshops, Semi trailer suspensionAssembly workshops, Painting line)

Processes & equipment
of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer suspensions:

WONDEE Trailer suspension processing

(1. Steel Plate Material→ 2. Steel Plate CNC  Automatic Cutting→ 3. Hangers punching→ 4. Hangers Forming→ 5. Hangers Welding→ 6. Sleeve(A & B) Welding→ 7. Shot Peening→ 8. Painting→ 9. Laser marking→ 10. Assembling→ 11. Packing→ 12. Warehousing)

Products and logistics of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer air suspensions:

WONDEE air suspension (4)

Compared with the traditional leaf spring suspension system, air suspension has many advantages:

First, light weight. The biggest advantage of air suspension is its light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension.

Second, it is convenient for loading and unloading. Through the manual height valve in the air suspension system, the height of the vehicle loading platform can be adjusted within a certain range to facilitate loading and unloading of goods.

Third, the driving is stable and the shock absorption performance is good. Compared with lightweight vehicles, vehicles with air suspension travel more smoothly.

Fourth, high security. The uniform distribution of the axle load and the balanced contact between the tire and the ground can improve the overall braking performance and turning stability of the axle. At the same time, the height of the air spring can be automatically adjusted according to the road conditions to reduce vibration and help protect the safety of goods.

Fifth, reduce maintenance costs. When the vehicle is running with no load, the air suspension can lift the axle, reduce tire wear, extend the service life, and reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

WONDEE air suspension (1)WONDEE air suspension (2)

WONDEE air suspension (3)

WONDEE Trailer suspension products and warehousing

(Mechanical suspension final production, Suspension hangers, Components of semi trailer suspensions, Suspension warehousing, Suspension packing, trailer suspension container loading)

Other types of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer suspensions:

WONDEE trailer suspension range (1)

(Germany BPW type mechanical suspension, Germany SAF type mechanical suspension, American FUWA type suspension with square beam, American FUWA underslung type suspension with square beam, American FUWA type suspension with round beam, American FUWA underslung type suspension with round beam)

Other types of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer suspensions:

WONDEE trailer suspension range (2)

(YTE casting type suspension, ROR casting type suspension, Henred Fruehauf type suspension, Agricultural trailer suspension)


Components & spare parts of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailer suspensions:

Components of WONDEE trailer suspension

(Font hangers, Middle hangers, Rear hangers, Supension equalizers, Equalizer pins, Leaf springs, Fix torques, Adjustable torques, U-bolts, etc.)

Besides trailer mechanical suspensions, WONDEE Autoparts also supply different types of semi trailer components as below:




Xinhe Industrial Park, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361006





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