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Is it time to add fluorine when the car air conditioning is not cool? How often should fluorine be added?

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It's already the season to use air conditioning now, and there are gradually more maintenance tasks for air conditioning. The most common ones are that the air conditioning is not cooling or not cooling enough. Many people don't understand and think that if the air conditioner is not cold, it should be filled with fluorine. In fact, there are many reasons why air conditioning is not cool, not necessarily because it needs to be filled with fluorine. Some cars do need to be filled with fluorine every year because there is refrigerant leakage, and the leakage point cannot be found, or maintenance requires replacing large components, which is relatively expensive. Fortunately, it is not repaired. After all, the cost of filling with fluorine once a year is not very high.

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So under normal circumstances, how often should the air conditioner be filled with fluorine? There is no fixed cycle, as long as there is no leakage, there is no need to charge. Many cars have not been filled with fluorine until they are sold. Of course, if the air conditioner does not cool at all, refrigerant leakage is one of the most important reasons. Check if the refrigerant is not cooling. First, check if the fluoride is sufficient. If there is no shortage of fluoride, then search for other faults. There are many possibilities for other malfunctions, such as a faulty compressor, a faulty expansion valve, or a dirty condenser. It requires extensive maintenance experience to make accurate judgments. Generally speaking, the sealing of the air conditioning system is good, and new cars will not leak fluorine unless the car is relatively old and some sealing rings are aging, which will cause fluorine leakage.

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Another common malfunction of the air conditioning system is insufficient cooling. Although it is cooling, the temperature inside the car is not cool enough, and the air conditioning still feels very hot when turned on. A common reason for insufficient cooling is that the air conditioning core is dirty and the air conditioning system is not malfunctioning, which is a common occurrence. Although the cooling temperature is low enough, if the filter is dirty, it will block the cold air from outside and cannot blow into the car, or if there is little cool air blowing in, it will naturally feel that the air conditioning is not cool. This situation only needs to be solved by replacing the air conditioning core. I feel that the air conditioning is not too cold. First, check if the air conditioning core is dirty. If there is a temperature gauge, you can also measure the temperature of the air outlet, reaching seven or eight degrees, and the cooling effect is good.

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Insufficient refrigeration may also be related to refrigerant. If there is no refrigerant left, the air conditioner will not cool at all, and if there is too much or too little refrigerant, it can cause insufficient refrigeration. Each type of car's air conditioning system has a standard amount of refrigerant, which cannot be increased or decreased. So it's best not to charge fluorine randomly. The refrigerant is charged according to weight, not according to the number of cans. Many people ask how many cans need to be filled with fluorine, which is inaccurate. The standard weight for filling is specified in a certain part of the engine compartment. Please carefully search for it. If weighing is not possible, you can also fill according to the pressure, but it is not too standard. Also, if you feel that the air conditioning is not too cool, check if the condenser is dirty. Some car condensers may have many dead insects, willow catkins, etc. attached to them, affecting their heat dissipation and thus affecting the cooling effect. When washing the car, just open the engine hood and rinse it.

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