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How many days will a car run out of battery without turning on the battery?

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Some car owners have encountered this problem, where if the car is left idle for a few days, the battery will run out of battery and cannot start. Some cars run out of battery after being left for 10 days, so I went to the 4S store to check if there were any malfunctions. Some cars have malfunctions, while others have no malfunctions and can last for 10 days. Even if the car stalls, many electrical devices are still consuming electricity, albeit very little. Just like a children's toy, a mobile phone, or an electric bicycle, if it is fully charged and left unused for a few months, even if the phone is turned off, the electric bicycle will not use the key and eventually run out of battery. This is the static current, as long as there is a current circuit, there will be static current unless the current circuit is cut off. Although the car has turned off, the circuit between the battery and the electrical equipment is still connected, and there is still a current circuit, so there is always a discharge current.

Battery (1)

So how many days is it normal for a car to run out of battery? The number of days for placement varies depending on the vehicle model, and 10-30 days is normal. Generally, the more expensive a car is, the more electrical devices it uses, and the shorter the number of days it may be stored. If the battery capacity of the vehicle model itself is small, the storage period will be shorter, and it is normal to lose power for 10 days. The cheaper the car, the fewer electrical devices it uses and the longer it can be stored. Generally, small cars priced at 70000 to 80000 yuan or even cheaper can be stored for a month without any problem, while many cars priced at 150000 yuan or more cannot be stored for long, and most of them will lose power in half a month. Based on experience, cars that have been stored for a short period of time and are out of battery are generally not very cheap models.Battery (2)

If your car runs out of battery after being left for a short time, the presence of a malfunction can be detected by measuring the discharge current. Connect an ammeter to the battery, lock the car and wait for a period of time. The anti-theft device is in normal working state, and all electrical devices are in sleep. The current at this time is the discharge current of this car. The current also varies in size. Vehicles with fewer electrical devices require less than 10 milliamperes, while vehicles with more require around 20-30 milliamperes. Any vehicle that exceeds 40 milliamperes can generally be identified as having a leakage.

Leakage is not a circuit problem, but a problem with a certain electrical device itself. The repair method is to find and replace the leaking electrical device. The search method is the elimination method. Power off the electrical equipment one by one and observe the change in discharge current. If the discharge current returns to normal after powering off equipment A, it indicates that there is leakage in equipment A. Replace equipment A. Generally speaking, the electrical equipment of the original car rarely experiences leakage, and the most leakage occurs when it is installed later on. For example, if you have installed a navigation host, GPS positioning, etc. on your own, and if there is electric leakage in the car, you should first focus on checking the equipment installed afterwards.

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So if your car is ready to stand still for more than half a month, you need to disconnect the negative wire of the battery, which will cut off the current circuit, and the battery will not discharge, and it will not lose power even after being left for a long time. It can protect the battery and not cause any inconvenience when using the car. Simply install the negative electrode and you can start driving.

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