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Forgetting to shift gears while driving at high speed, and reaching an engine speed of over 5000 revolutions, will it damage the car?

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Forgetting to shift is a common practice among novice drivers. Some novice drivers do not shift even when the engine makes a loud noise, some forget to shift, and some do not know the timing of the shift. This kind of short-term low gear and high RPM is not a problem, but on high speed, if you forget to shift when you shift to fourth gear, the vehicle speed reaches 120km/h, and the engine speed reaches four or five thousand revolutions. Will driving like this for a long time affect the engine life?

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  Based on personal experience, if you shift to fourth gear and drive to 120km/h, although the engine speed is a bit high, it will not damage the car and will not affect the engine life. Firstly, the engine has a speed range, which is acceptable as long as it does not reach the red line area. The red line area is around 6000 rpm, and the engine can easily withstand speeds of four to five thousand rpm. Of course, this is only relative. The higher the engine speed, the more wear will definitely occur. Compared to normal driving, the engine will definitely experience more wear and tear, which can be considered unnecessary wear and tear. In the long run, engine life will be affected. For example, a car that drives normally for 300000 kilometers may undergo major repairs, while a car that frequently drives at low gears and high revs may require major repairs after driving 200000 kilometers. Because although the mileage is small, the number of engine revolutions is not significant.

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 The above refers to driving in fourth gear to 120km/h, but if driving in third gear and reaching 120km/h, there is no problem in the short term. Over time, the engine life will definitely be affected. It is often seen that some people say that the engine speed is 5000 rpm during the car inspection, and after that, the engine broke down. Of course, this is closely related to the condition of the car itself and regular maintenance. The gear is low, and the engine requires a very high RPM to reach a faster speed. If maintenance is not good, the lubrication of the oil cannot meet the requirements, and the engine will wear very quickly. Assuming that the performance of the engine oil has decreased and has not been replaced, the lubrication conditions can be met at low engine speeds. When the speed is high, the lubrication requirements are also high, and the lubrication performance of the engine oil cannot meet the requirements. Wear will naturally increase, and it is possible to wear out the engine in a short period of time.

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   In addition, with a high engine speed, the cooling system may also be subjected to significant pressure, resulting in over 5000 engine revolutions over a long period of time and generating a lot of heat. The cooling system is normal and okay. If there is any slight abnormality, such as excessive scale in the water channel and poor flow, the water temperature will immediately rise. If the water temperature rises, it will affect the normal operation of the engine, and if the water temperature is too high, it will directly damage the engine. The engine can run at a maximum speed of 6000 rpm, and maintaining 5000 rpm for a long time is also unbearable. There is no problem with keeping up with various performances of lubrication and cooling. If one aspect of the performance cannot keep up, there will be significant wear and tear. Finally, it should be emphasized that the high speed engine mentioned here cannot withstand it, referring to running for one or two hours or even longer at a time for a long time. If it reaches five or six thousand revolutions in a short period of time, there is no problem.

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