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Driving an automatic transmission in this way can extend the lifespan of the gearbox

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For cars priced over 100000 yuan, the number of automatic transmission cars accounts for more than two-thirds, so there are many people driving automatic transmission cars, and many of them are beginners. The difference between automatic and manual transmission lies in the gearbox. Automatic transmissions, due to their higher precision, have a relatively high failure rate and high maintenance costs. It is common to encounter situations where the car is stuck in gear and does not move. Some may have damaged transmission computers, while others may have damaged solenoid valves. The cost of replacement is not low. The automatic transmission is either not damaged, but if it is damaged, it is generally more expensive to repair, with high labor costs and high parts costs. So how to extend the lifespan of the gearbox? What should I pay attention to in my daily life?

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Some transmissions may malfunction prematurely due to quality issues, which we cannot control. Most gearbox malfunctions are actually closely related to our use. To extend the lifespan of the gearbox, two things should be done: first, timely maintenance, which means changing the gearbox oil on time, which is the most important point. We all know to replace engine oil on time, otherwise it will harm the engine. Transmission oil, like engine oil, can be damaged if not replaced on time. The role of transmission oil is very important, as it can lubricate various internal components of the transmission and also transmit power. Many cars with broken transmissions fail to change their oil on time and exceed their mileage for a long time. The burning of clutch plates, damage to brake bands, and damage to solenoid valves inside are all related to dirty oil, so the importance of transmission oil is self-evident and cannot be ignored by any car.

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Secondly, there are issues with the use of the vehicle, which have been repeatedly mentioned before, and there are not many things to pay attention to. As long as the following two operations cannot be carried out. 1. Before the car comes to a steady stop, switch between D and R gears. When the vehicle moves forward or backward, the transmission oil needs to be switched internally, and the solenoid valve needs to be opened and closed in a series of ways. The wheel is rotating forward and suddenly shifts to reverse gear, causing a sudden change in the direction of the oil flow, which will have a significant impact on various components inside the gearbox. For example, when we spin a wheel with our hands and it spins very fast, we suddenly request to change the direction of the wheel. We must exert force in the opposite direction, as the wheels are still spinning, which will inevitably cause impact and injury to our arms. The gearbox is the same, occasionally doing it twice has no effect, but the lifespan of the gearbox will be significantly shortened with more attempts. Many experienced drivers often operate quickly when turning on narrow roads and shift gears to refuel if the car does not come to a steady stop. It is important to be careful.

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2. Do not coast in neutral or tow with a tow rope, as both situations can cause poor lubrication inside the gearbox and exacerbate wear. When coasting in neutral, the transmission oil pump rotates slowly, but the wheels rotate quickly. The wheels also drive the gears in the transmission to rotate quickly. At this time, the insufficient amount of oil pumped by the oil pump will lead to increased wear and tear. The towing rope is the same as the trailer. When towing, the oil pump does not rotate, and only the wheels drive the output shaft of the gearbox to rotate, resulting in more wear and tear. Auto stop trailer should use a flatbed truck or the driving wheels should be off the ground, with only the driven wheels touching the ground.

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