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Does the cigarette lighter still have electricity after the car is turned off? What's the reason for the frequent breakage of the cigarette lighter fuse?

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Whether it's cheap or more expensive cars, most cars have cigarette lighter sockets, which have a great function. They can not only be used to light cigarettes, but also serve as a power source for other electrical devices. Many people, even if they don't smoke, have a high frequency of using the cigarette lighter socket. Many electronic automotive products require power from the cigarette lighter, designed with cigarette lighter shaped plugs, such as a dash cam, phone charger, electronic dog, car vacuum cleaner, and so on. The electrical appliances used in the car are all 12V voltage, and the cigarette lighter can just output 12V voltage. Some cars also have a USB interface available, while others only have a cigarette lighter available. Many people also have some questions during the process of using electricity. Today, we will talk about several common issues related to the use of electricity in cigarette lighters.

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1. Will the cigarette lighter continue to use electricity even after the vehicle is turned off, despite having electrical devices plugged in all the time? Will it cause the vehicle to lose power?

Not necessarily, it depends on the vehicle model. It depends on whether there is still electricity in the cigarette lighter after turning off the engine. Some cars lose power from the cigarette lighter after turning off the engine, while others still have power from the cigarette lighter, which is a constant power source. The meaning of constant power supply is that regardless of whether the engine is turned off or not, it is always powered on without a switch and cannot be manually powered off. If the power is cut off after the engine is turned off, of course, the electrical appliances will not continue to use electricity, nor will it cause the battery to run out of power. If there is still electricity here after turning off the engine, it is very likely to cause the battery to run out of power. If the electrical equipment is not unplugged after turning off the engine, and the vehicle is not driven for a long time, it will definitely lead to power loss.

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There is also a situation where a car's cigarette lighter is powered on normally, and although the plug is not unplugged, the electrical equipment is turned off, resulting in a loss of power a few days later. This is also due to issues with the electrical equipment, such as slight short circuits or other situations inside, and high discharge currents, which can consume the battery's power in just a few days. If your car's cigarette lighter is powered by a constant power source, be sure to pay attention to the electricity usage, and remember to unplug the electrical equipment after parking and turning off the engine. For devices such as dashcam electronic dogs that require long-term use, try not to power them from here. If the cigarette lighter turns off and loses power, there is no need to worry about these issues.

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2. What happens when the fuse of the cigarette lighter frequently breaks?

It is common to encounter problems with the lack of power in the cigarette lighter. After inspection, the vast majority of them are caused by a broken fuse in the cigarette lighter, and occasionally there is a problem with the cigarette lighter socket. Some car fuses often burn out, and the owner believes it is a quality issue with the vehicle. Actually, it's not that the fuse of the cigarette lighter is blown, which is related to the electrical equipment used. Either the power of the electrical equipment is relatively high and exceeds the melting current of the cigarette lighter fuse during operation. Sometimes there is a short circuit inside the device, which can cause the current to suddenly increase and the fuse to inevitably blow.

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Therefore, if the frequency of the car's fuse breaking is high, it is necessary to repair or replace the electrical equipment first, and do not look for the cause of the car, because the fuse breaking must be due to excessive current. Also, do not replace a large fuse or connect a broken fuse with copper wire to continue using it, as this is very dangerous. A broken fuse is a protection for the circuit. Replacing it with a larger fuse or simply removing the fuse will result in continuous high current, which may cause damage to the entire circuit and even pose a risk of self ignition.

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3. Can an inverter be used to convert the 12 volt voltage of the cigarette lighter to 220 volts for use?

Sure, but it's best to choose a brand with guaranteed quality. Many places sell this inverter, and some electrical devices are not specifically designed for car use, but for household use, with a voltage requirement of 220V. By using an inverter, the 12V voltage can be converted to 220V, making this type of electrical appliance suitable for use in vehicles. Inverters have power options, and according to the power of the electrical equipment you want to use, choose the appropriate power. If the selected power is too small, it cannot be carried. Of course, it is generally not recommended to use high-power electrical equipment in the car, as it can put a lot of pressure on the circuit and have a certain impact on the battery.

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