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Do you only know when the battery needs to be replaced when it can't be started? Can we predict in advance?

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The lithium battery used on the phone can display the battery level and know in advance when to charge. However, lead-acid batteries are used in cars, which cannot display the battery level. A battery will eventually have a lifespan, but it cannot display the battery level and lifespan. How do you know that the lifespan is approaching its end? In fact, a considerable number of car owners have their batteries running out of battery life. They called for help to power them up and drove them to the repair shop for testing, only to find out that the battery life has reached its end and needs to be replaced. The battery is running out of battery and unable to start, which can delay the process. Rescue efforts cannot arrive immediately, and sometimes it takes a long time to wait. One cannot leave yet, and can only wait there. So can we know in advance when the battery is about to break? Replace the battery in advance to avoid sudden failure to start and delay the operation.

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Firstly, we need to know if the failure to start the engine is caused by a low battery, as many people have asked, especially some experienced drivers. It is said that when the key is turned on, the brightness of the instrument lights is normal, the horn sounds even when pressed, and the headlights are also on when turned on, but they just can't start. It is definitely not that the battery is running low, it is another malfunction. In fact, a low battery cannot be judged based on this. The current required by the above electrical devices is not large, and they can still work even if the voltage is very low. But the starter is different. It requires a large current, and as long as the voltage is slightly insufficient, it cannot work properly. Generally, the battery voltage is below 11 volts and cannot be started. At this time, the above electrical devices can still work normally.

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Without the use of any tools, relying solely on the phenomenon of ignition to make judgments can only be speculation. When igniting, only the starter is working, it cannot work, either the starter is broken or the voltage is insufficient. Due to the low probability of damage to the starter motor, it is generally not easy to break down. If there is no response during ignition, it is most likely that the battery is running low. More than 90% of all rescue efforts that fail to ignite are due to battery depletion. When starting, the instrument panel turns black and there is no other sound, or only a popping sound can be heard, which basically means the battery is running low. However, one more thing to note is that if it is an automatic transmission car and it is not in P gear, assuming it is in D gear, the same phenomenon occurs. When it is in D gear, the instrument panel turns black and there is no sound. Therefore, for automatic transmission, first check if it is in P gear. Occasionally, during the rescue calls received, there may be situations where the engine cannot start due to being in D gear.

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If you consciously pay attention to the battery, you can always pay attention to the condition of the car, and generally know when the battery life is approaching. When the battery voltage is insufficient, it will appear weak when starting. Although it can still ignite, the starter motor's operating force is not very strong, which can be clearly heard. Or if the ignition time is too long, it used to take two seconds to start, but now it takes five seconds to start. With this phenomenon, it indicates that the voltage of the battery is insufficient. If the car is used frequently, it indicates that the battery has reached its lifespan. If the car is rarely used and used for short distances every time, and the lifespan is not long, it may just be a low battery, just charge it. In short, as long as the starter motor sounds weak when starting, it is necessary to promptly check the battery and take corresponding measures, either replace the battery or charge it. If left unattended, it will completely fail to ignite in a few days. In fact, many people do not pay attention to the running status of the car, and weak ignition may not detect any abnormalities, which can lead to excessive battery depletion and inability to start.

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Of course, there are also some cases where the battery of a certain car suddenly gets damaged. It's normal to start it in the morning, but it won't start in the afternoon. This cannot be predicted in advance, but this is only a rare occurrence. Most cars will first experience a weak start. If the car's battery has been used for more than three years, it is best to have a maintenance technician check the battery every time maintenance is done. The use of battery detection can more accurately detect the status of the battery. As the battery life is approaching, the battery detector can detect it and predict it in advance. If the display shows that the lifespan has reached its end, it should be replaced in a timely manner. It is not accurate to check the battery life by measuring voltage with a voltmeter. A voltmeter can only detect whether the voltage at that time is normal and cannot predict it in advance. Even if the battery life is up, it is normal to charge it for three to five minutes with a voltmeter after ignition, it is just a virtual voltage. So it is very accurate to use a battery detector for testing.

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