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Do new cars need waxing? When does waxing need to start? What are the methods for protecting paint surfaces?

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The paint on new cars is very bright, but after a few years of driving, some cars still have bright paint that looks like a new car, while others have severely aged paint that looks like an old car. One important function of car paint is its aesthetics. If you want the car to last for a few more years and still look very new after three or four years of use, special attention should be paid to the protection of the car paint. Since when should a new car protect its paint? What are the methods for protecting paint surfaces? Let's talk about it now.

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1. Waxing. This is the cheapest and easiest to operate paint protection method, and it is also my recommended one. You can buy your own wax and apply it yourself, or go to a car beauty shop to do it, but the price is not high. Waxing is like smearing a layer of foundation make-up on the face, or oiling the leather shoes, which can not only make the leather shoes look bright, but also protect the leather, delay aging and extend life. The aging and loss of gloss of car paint is mainly due to the corrosion of various external factors and ultraviolet radiation. Car wax can effectively block these corrosive substances. For example, if some oil fumes and bird droppings fall onto the car and are not cleaned in a timely manner, it can be clearly seen that the car paint is corroded after a few days. Having car wax can prevent corrosion.

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     A new car does not require waxing at the moment. It will start waxing after about six months. Due to the poor durability of the car wax, it is recommended to apply it once a month. There are also many types of car wax, and new cars should use ones without abrasives. Choose the appropriate one based on its function and purpose. Also, if you go to a beauty salon for a new car, just do waxing instead of polishing and waxing, as there is no need to polish the new car. If it's not a new car, the paint is already a bit old and there are some small scratches, then it should be polished and waxed. Polishing is the process of removing a layer of paint from the surface, allowing for the removal of small scratches and dirt that are difficult to remove. After polishing, the car paint will appear fresh and then protected with wax.

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  2. Glaze sealing. Glazing can be simply understood as advanced waxing, and the price is also more expensive, costing several hundred yuan. For example, waxing involves gently applying powder to the face, with the powder only applied to the surface of the face. And sealing the glaze involves using a lot of force to apply powder to the face, pressing some of the powder into the pores of the face. Glaze sealing is the use of vibration and pressure to press the glaze molecules into the small gaps on the paint surface, which can not only protect the car paint but also enhance the hardness of the paint surface. It will have better protection and durability, and can last for about six months.

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3. Coating. Coating is the application of a thin film on a car's paint surface, similar to waxing, but using different materials. The material used for coating is an inorganic molecule that is more easily adsorbed on the body paint surface and has a certain degree of hardness. It can prevent damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and also prevent some small scratches.

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 4. Invisible car clothing. This is currently the most advanced method of car paint protection, and the price is also the highest. It is like applying a film to a mobile phone, applying a film to a car. This film is a thermoplastic polyurethane film with excellent toughness and wear resistance, with a lifespan of over 5 years. As long as the film is applied, there is no need to worry about the paint surface. This film can be torn off even if you don't want it, and even if it's of good quality, there won't be any residue left on the car. If it's of poor quality, it may not be easy to tear it off. Ordinary household cars do not need to be covered with invisible car vests. High quality cars are more expensive, while low quality cars cannot be covered. It is recommended to start waxing the new car after six months as it is the most economical and provides good protection for the paint.

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