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Do I need to replace my ball cage bushes, shock boots and triangular arm rubber bushes when they go bad?

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When a car undergoes a routine inspection, the chassis is the key place to check. Engine compartment parts, usually can easily see themselves, as long as the cover is opened, there are abnormal parts can be found in time, such as lack of oil and water can be seen at a glance. And the chassis usually we can not see, just lift the car to see. So check the chassis to be careful, some chassis parts out of trouble we can feel, some we can not feel, until the parts are completely damaged to know, repair the car to spend more money. So to nip the fault in the bud, the following parts often have bad, to focus on attention.

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1. The inner and outer ball cage dust covers of the half shaft. The ball cage is like a universal joint that can move at all angles, and to be able to move it must be lubricated with grease or it will wear. The lubricant used is grease, which is maintenance free and does not need to be replaced. The purpose of the cage cover is to enclose the grease and prevent it from escaping, keeping it inside the cage at all times. The cage is made of rubber, so it will break if it is scratched by external forces, and it will also break as it ages naturally over time. Many cars over six or seven years old will break due to ageing, and when they do break, the grease inside the cage is thrown out as the cage rotates. Once the cage is low on grease, it will wear out and break prematurely. To repair this, the ball cage must be replaced, which is more expensive. So if you find that the ball cage sleeve is broken and leaking oil, you need to replace it in time, a rubber sleeve is cheap.

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2. Ball head of the steering tie rod. The ball joint is checked in two ways, the first is also an oil leak and the construction of the ball cage sleeve is exactly the same, a rubber sleeve with grease packed inside. If the rubber sleeve is damaged, the grease inside will leak. If there is ageing damage and oil leakage, then you need to replace the ball head, you cannot replace the sleeve alone. The second thing to check is whether it is loose and the amount of play. The method is to shake the wheel left and right with your hand, if there is no clearance, shake the wheel left and right is not moving. If the ball head is loose, then the wheel will be able to swing left and right, it will be obvious that there is a gap, as long as there is a gap also need to replace the ball head in time.

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3. Whether the shock absorber is leaking oil. Checking the shock absorber at a standstill is good or bad, but generally the only thing to check is if there is any oil leakage. If there is no oil leakage, the shock absorber is generally not a problem. If there is oil leakage, i.e. there is fresh oil on the shock absorber, it means that the shock absorber is about to fail or has failed and needs to be replaced. There is also a dust cover on the shock absorber, does this need to be replaced if it breaks? Normally it does not need to be replaced, it does not have much effect, but of course it is best if it is not too expensive to replace. This dust cover on the shock absorber is not sealed inside the hydraulic oil, sealing hydraulic oil has a special oil seal, it only plays with a dust. Stop the dust and sand outside splashing to the oil seal and shock absorber core, to prevent foreign matter with the shock up and down movement is brought to the shock absorber core inside, or shorten the life of the oil seal. If you often ride on construction sites and muddy roads, it is recommended that you replace it, but if you ride mostly on paved roads in town, it won't have much effect if you don't change it.

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4. Triangular arm rubber bushing. This is also a small part that often breaks, some cars may be due to quality problems, tens of thousands of miles on the bad, and some cars are very old before the bad. The part is mounted on the lower wishbone, very inconspicuous, play a cushion damping effect, check the chassis must not forget. There are two ways to damage it, one is cracked and the other is stripped. Slight cracks do not have much impact, but serious cracks will lead to non-functioning, or directly out, high-speed driving direction is unstable. There is no crack directly out of the case will lead to change the position of the control arm, walking on the road will be issued by the noise, high-speed will also lead to the direction of instability, the phenomenon of run-off. Although the parts are small, but the impact of bad is not small, so found bad to be replaced in time.

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