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Can we use tap water instead of running out of car glass water?

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The car is frequently used, and windshield water is a frequently added liquid. When the windshield is dirty, it can only be wiped clean with water spray. Dry wiping not only fails to clean it, but also damages the wiper blades. Most people will buy their own glass water to add, while a small number of people will not add their own glass water. They always ask the staff to add a bottle during maintenance or refueling at the gas station. It's summer now and it won't freeze. If the glass water runs out, can we use tap water instead?

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My suggestion is to use glass water at all times, preferably without adding tap water, but adding it occasionally is not a problem. If you haven't bought glass water and the glass water in the car has just been used up, and you need to drive at this time, you can add tap water as an emergency. Having tap water is always better than nothing, using it occasionally has no impact, as long as it is not used for a long time. Be careful not to add too much tap water. Add a small amount each time, and you can add it again after use. Do not fill it up and use it for a long time.

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So what are the drawbacks of adding tap water?

1. The biggest impact is that long-term use can clog the nozzle, as tap water contains a large amount of minerals and can produce scale. When we boil water to drink, we will immediately see scale under the kettle. In a glass kettle, the water temperature may not be that high, but scale can also be produced, albeit at a slower rate.

2. Brushing glass with tap water will not be very clean. If there is only dust, it can still be cleaned. If there is oil stains or insects sticking to the glass, water will not be able to clean it. And the more you brush, the more blurry it looks, which greatly affects your vision, indicating that the cleaning ability of tap water is poor.

car glass water (3)

4. If too much tap water is added for a long time and cannot be used up, the water will also spoil and breed bacteria. This is easy to understand. If we add water to a container and leave it untouched for two months, the water will become foul smelling. It's not good to use spoiled water to brush the glass.

4. Its lubrication ability is slightly poor, and the operation of the wiper requires the lubrication of glass water to prolong its lifespan. The lubrication effect of tap water is worse than that of glass water, and long-term use of the wiper blades will shorten their lifespan.

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The disadvantage of using tap water, in turn, is the advantage of using glass water. It has strong cleaning ability and can also protect the wiper blades, preventing easy clogging of the spray nozzle. So for long-term use, it is still necessary to use glass water, which is not expensive and convenient to purchase. Finally, let me explain to novice car owners how to add glass water? As long as you can find where the glass kettle is, open the lid and pour it in, so the key is to find the glass kettle. I have encountered novice car owners before adding glass water, brake fluid, and antifreeze. As shown in the above picture, this blue lid with a spray mark on it is a glass kettle lid, without screws, it can be opened directly. There is also no graduated scale, and when filled up, the liquid level can be seen from the filling port. It is also possible to add one bottle at a time without filling up.

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