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Can I leave the paintwork on my car scratched and wait for more damage to be repaired together?

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Car paint has two main functions: aesthetics and protection of the body from corrosion. Scratches and scratches while driving are very common, and it takes several days to wait for the car to be picked up when going to the 4S store to have it repainted. When the vehicle is scratched, the paint is generally damaged. The repair method for the paint is to repaint it. Some people scratch a little paint and immediately drive to the 4S store to repair it, while others don't go to repair many scratches on the body of the car. Can this only indicate that some people cherish cars while others don't? Is there another reason? How to make it more reasonable? Today we will talk about some knowledge about repainting.

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  Firstly, we should know that repainting is a one-to-one process, and not just a small amount, otherwise there may be color differences. For example, if the paint on the car door falls off, it needs to be repainted. No matter how large the area of paint falls off, the entire car door needs to be repainted, and it cannot be repainted where it falls off. There is paint peeling off on the fender, and the entire fender needs to be repainted. So any paint repair is a large-scale repair, and the original car paint will be damaged in areas without damage. Secondly, no matter where the repainting is done, the quality and durability of the subsequent repainting cannot compare to the original car paint.

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       So, if the paint damage is minimal and does not significantly affect the appearance, it is recommended not to touch up the paint. If there is any paint damage on this surface, it can be repaired together. This means that the appearance will not be affected. If you are concerned about beauty, you can only touch up the paint. How large is the area considered small? Generally, even if the size of a nail cap is very small, it does not affect the appearance. If the size of a palm is slightly larger, it will definitely affect the appearance, and usually requires repainting. It can be said that the paint surface has slight scratches and a small area of paint peeling, which can be accumulated and repaired together. If the paint surface is severely damaged, it needs to be repaired.

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   If the paint damage is small and no repainting is needed, does it need to be treated briefly? It depends on the depth of the paint damage. If only the surface color of the paint is damaged, without damaging the base paint or leaking iron, it can be left untreated and will not rust. If there are damages on the front and rear bumpers, no matter how deep they are, they can be left untreated because they are plastic and will not rust. On the contrary, if the damage is deep and iron leaks out, it needs to be dealt with, otherwise it will rust over time. You can go to the 4S store to get some paint. The 4S store has pre mixed paint, just apply it. Alternatively, you can purchase a touch up paint pen and apply it yourself, without looking aesthetically pleasing, mainly to prevent rust.

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     Minor paint damage is usually caused by minor scratches or stones. If there is an impact, the area is generally not too small, and there may even be deformation. If there is deformation, it is not only a matter of repainting, but also involves shaping, and the cost will not be too low. It should be considered to apply for insurance to repair the car. If it involves damage to two surfaces, insurance coverage should also be considered, such as damage to both the front bumper and fender, and damage to both the fender and door. Since reporting insurance will have an impact on next year's premium, if the repair cost is less than 500 yuan, you can pay for it yourself. It is recommended to report insurance if the cost is more than 500 yuan. For those who need plastic surgery and painting, as well as those who need to repair two surfaces, the general repair cost will exceed 500 yuan. As long as the insurance is in place, regardless of the size of the area, there will be paint spraying.

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