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6 tips for using automotive air conditioning

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1. When to turn on the air conditioning.

In summer, the temperature inside the car is very high after being exposed to direct sunlight. Even when driving after work, the heat inside the car cannot be dissipated for a short period of time, and the car is still very hot. Firstly, open the car door or window to allow the hot air to dissipate. Then, turn on the ignition and air conditioning, and adjust the air volume to a higher level. Due to the high temperature of the dashboard and the air conditioning ducts, hot air is blowing out. Wait for about 30 seconds before you can get in the car and drive away. Drive a short distance, accelerate the ventilation inside the car, and then you can close the windows. At this point, the air conditioning is already blowing cool air, and the temperature inside the car will soon drop. Why do we have to turn on the air conditioning from the beginning? In addition to accelerating cooling, the main purpose is to blow out harmful gases from the pipeline and emit them outside the vehicle. After the interior of the car is exposed to sunlight, there will definitely be some harmful gases. If the doors and windows are closed after ventilation is completed and the air conditioning is turned on, the harmful gases in the pipes will still be blown out and left inside the car.

air conditioning using tips (1)

2. The use of internal and external circulation.

At the beginning, when the air conditioning is turned on and the external temperature is very high, internal circulation can be used to only circulate the air inside the car, which will improve the cooling effect. But after a period of time, it is necessary to switch to the external circulation to let in external air and keep the air inside the car fresh. If the external temperature is not very high, external circulation can also be used continuously to keep the air inside the car fresh.

air conditioning using tips (2)

3. How does the wind blow?

Do not blow directly on your face or chest, as prolonged exposure can cause discomfort and affect your overall health. To blow upwards, adjust the air outlet to an upward position. Due to the fact that the cold air blown out is relatively heavy and the hot air is relatively light, the cold air blows upwards and sinks to the bottom when it reaches the rear of the vehicle, allowing it to circulate inside the vehicle, resulting in better cooling effect and sensation.

air conditioning using tips (3)

4. How high is the temperature set?

The temperature should not be set too low. If the temperature is too low for a long time, it can also affect physical health and increase fuel consumption, resulting in unnecessary waste. Generally, based on the feeling that it is not too hot, the automatic air conditioning displays the temperature, which is about 22 or 23 degrees Celsius, which is just right. But the temperature inside the car is also affected by the size of the air flow. With the same temperature setting, if the air flow is large, it will feel colder, and if the air flow is small, it will feel hotter. Therefore, it is best to rely on your own feelings.

air conditioning using tips (4)

5. Before turning off the vehicle, turn off the AC switch in advance and continue blowing for a while.

With the air conditioning on, the evaporator will produce water, causing continuous dripping under the car. If the air conditioning is not turned off in advance and the engine is turned off and parked directly, the evaporator will remain moist for a long time, which is prone to the growth of mold and bacteria and the production of odors. If the AC is turned off before reaching the destination and the blower is not turned off, continue to blow air into the evaporator. At this time, the evaporator will no longer produce water, and the already produced water will be blown dry. Keeping it dry will prevent the production of bacteria. Generally, it can be closed three minutes in advance, without requiring too much time.

air conditioning using tips (5)

6. Do not turn on the air conditioning and sleep in the car in a closed space.

The key point is inside the garage, which has good sealing and poor ventilation. The combustion is not complete when idling with the air conditioning on, and the exhaust gas contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, which surrounds the vehicle. As the blower blows air and it is sucked into the carriage, the concentration will be high over time, which is quite dangerous. It is best not to sleep inside the car in a closed environment, even with some windows open, because the concentration of carbon monoxide around the vehicle is high, and the air inside the car is still not good. If it is not a closed environment and the external ventilation conditions are good, it is possible to open some windows.

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