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You should know these tips for using handbrake

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The handbrake can play an important role in parking and manual transmission assisted starting, and is the most basic safety configuration. The handbrake braking force is a mandatory inspection item during annual vehicle inspections. And handbrake has a certain lifespan, which is closely related to its normal use. When used properly, there is no need to adjust the handbrake or replace the handbrake pads for ten years. If used improperly, the handbrake needs to be adjusted in five or six years. Today, we will talk about the correct use and precautions of handbrake.

handbrake (1)

Hand brakes are divided into electronic and mechanical. There is no technical skill in using electronic handbrake. When pulling the handbrake, lift the switch, and when releasing the handbrake, press the switch. We cannot control the braking force, and it is usually done by the electric motor, which brakes very tightly. The focus of today's discussion is on the mechanical handbrake, which is controlled by the driver to control the braking force. When pulled high, the braking force is strong, but when slightly pulled up, the braking force is small.

handbrake (2)

The handbrake has two components that are prone to damage: the handbrake pad and the handbrake cable. The handbrake only applies to the rear wheels. For vehicles with separate handbrake pads on the rear wheels, if you don't forget to release the handbrake while driving, the handbrake pads will have almost no wear and tear, and you don't need to replace them for life. A large proportion of vehicles have separate handbrake pads on the rear wheels. So for the lifespan of handbrake pads, as long as there are no errors in operation, we don't need to worry about it.

handbrake (3)

The lifespan of the handbrake cable is not as long, and it often gets stretched. The foot brake we are stepping on does not have a cable and relies on brake oil to transmit braking force, while the handbrake relies on a cable to transmit braking force. The cable is made of steel wire and will inevitably be stretched after being pulled for a long time. After the cable becomes longer, the braking force of the handbrake will decrease, and even if it is pulled to the top, the car cannot be stopped. At this point, it is necessary to adjust the cable. The tension of the cable can be adjusted, but the adjustment range is limited. If it becomes slightly longer, it can be adjusted to return to normal. If it becomes too long, the cable can only be replaced.

handbrake (4)

How can we extend the lifespan of the cable? Just be careful not to pull the handbrake to the tightest position every time, and pull it according to your needs. Some people pull the handbrake until it reaches the top every time, and even those with less strength cannot release it. If parking on a steep slope, of course you need to tighten it, otherwise the car will slide. When parking on flat ground, you only need to apply 70% to 80% of the braking force. If you shift the manual gear to first gear and hold it, you will definitely not slip. If you shift the automatic gear to P gear, you will not slip. The braking force in P gear is very strong. If you need to park for a long time, try to park on flat ground as much as possible, so that you don't have to keep the handbrake cable under a lot of force. If it is necessary to park on a slope, manual transmission must be combined with other gear operations. Depending on the slope, you can use bricks to block the rear wheels. Because most of the parking is done on flat ground, it is important to control the force of the handbrake and not tighten it too tightly. The last bit of common sense to know is that when driving, do not apply the handbrake. In emergency braking, do not assume that applying both the foot brake and handbrake simultaneously will brake faster. In fact, pulling the handbrake indiscriminately during driving can easily cause the vehicle to lose control. If the car does not stop, just press the foot brake. Only when the car comes to a stop can the handbrake be applied.

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