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Why does a one click start car often display the remote key not found? Is the key out of battery?

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Previously, the one click start function was only equipped in high-end cars, but now it is very common in cars costing over 100000 yuan. After getting on the car, there is no need to insert the key to start the engine, just press the one click start switch to start it, and keep the key in the bag. Some cars also come with keyless entry, which makes the entire driving process from opening the car door to ignition and then locking the door very convenient without the need to take out the key. The manufacturer is equipped with one click start, which is not only convenient to use, but also mainly to enhance the vehicle's sense of technology and increase its selling point. However, there are also some issues in use, such as some cars not responding when the one button start switch is pressed, and the instrument panel shows that the remote control key is not found, which makes it impossible to start or drive. This situation is very common. What is the reason for this situation? Is the key out of battery? If the key runs out of battery, can it still ignite? Today we will talk about these issues.


First of all, the issue with the key was not discovered. The vast majority of the reasons were due to signal interference in the vicinity. When the car leaves this area, it will return to normal. This requires understanding the working principle of one key start. There are multiple antennas in the car, which emit radio waves to search for the key. When a valid key is found, pressing the start switch will allow the start. If no valid key is found, the start will not be allowed, and the key will be displayed as not found during start. When there are electromagnetic waves with similar frequencies nearby, the car antenna cannot emit normal electromagnetic waves, which means it cannot work properly. Therefore, even if the key is inside the car, it cannot search. There are many things that can cause electromagnetic interference, such as near the camera, near the telecommunications transmission tower, near high-voltage lines, etc. Among them, this situation occurs most frequently near the camera.


As long as it is a one click start vehicle, there is an emergency start area on the car. When the key cannot be found, place the remote control in the emergency start area to start the engine normally. This position is different for each car. Some are located under the cup holder, with the remote control placed inside the cup holder. Some are inside the one click start switch, and the remote control needs to be placed on the switch. Some are located next to the gear lever. You can check the vehicle user manual or directly call the 4S dealership after-sales service to find out. The location for emergency activation must be known, as there may be a chance of encountering situations where the key has not been discovered. Why is the place where emergency start is not afraid of signal interference? Because this place uses coil induction to discover the key, just like a mechanical key with anti-theft, the ignition principle is the same. Both use coil induction, which is not afraid of interference. As long as the key is placed in the right place, it can definitely be detected.


If the key runs out of power, this situation can also occur, but if the key runs out of power, you already know it yourself. Pressing the remote control to unlock or lock the car does not respond sensitively, and it does not work even at a slight distance. There will be situations where the key is not found anywhere, which is known as the key running out of power. Many cars also remind you on the dashboard to replace the remote control battery in a timely manner. The price is very cheap. Can the key still ignite if there is no electricity left? It can be ignited, but the remote control needs to be placed in the emergency start area, which is coil induction. Even if the battery is removed, it can still ignite.

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