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Which items should be checked when the car water temperature is too high?

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High temperature (2)

When the water temperature of the car is too high, everyone knows that it cannot continue to drive, so what is the reason for it? How should I check? Today, let's talk about how to roughly determine the cause of the malfunction? Car owners can learn and check on their own, simple faults can be immediately eliminated.

There are three most likely reasons: firstly, a lack of coolant, secondly, the coolant cannot circulate, and thirdly, the heat of the coolant cannot be quickly dissipated.

Lack of coolant leading to high water temperature is the most common, and no matter what car, the coolant will always be lost over time. Especially for cars that require self maintenance or maintenance at a repair shop, if only maintenance is carried out without inspection, and if the coolant is insufficient and not added in a timely manner, it can lead to high water temperature caused by a lack of coolant. In this case, simply add coolant above the lowest mark to eliminate the problem of high water temperature. If you cannot find coolant quickly around you, you can add water instead. Adding a small amount of water is not a problem. When adding, it is important to be careful not to get burned and wait for the water temperature to drop before opening the lid.

       High temperature (1)

    The second issue is that the coolant cannot circulate, and the most common is that the thermostat is damaged. The inspection method is usually based on the temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes, and the electronic thermostat can also be detected by a computer to determine its malfunction. The damage to the thermostat causes high water temperature because it is stuck in a closed state and cannot be opened. The coolant can only undergo small cycles and cannot dissipate heat due to large cycles. Therefore, the water temperature will quickly rise. In addition to the thermostat, damage to the water pump can also prevent coolant from circulating and cause high water temperature. It is necessary to determine whether the water pump or thermostat is damaged based on the fault phenomenon. A relatively simple method is to turn on the warm air to check. If there is warm air, it indicates that the coolant is circulating and the water pump is not damaged. If the water temperature is high and there is no warm air, it indicates that the water pump is broken.

       High temperature (3)

The third point is that the heat of the coolant cannot be quickly dissipated. A common fault is that the electronic fan is broken, or the plug of the electronic fan is broken, causing it to not rotate due to no electricity. Another reason is that the surface of the water tank is too dirty. Check if the water temperature is high. Both of the reasons mentioned earlier have been eliminated, and then check if the electronic fan is running. If the water temperature is high at this time, the electronic fan should be rotating. If it does not rotate, it indicates a problem. If the water temperature is no longer high before checking, you can start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioning to see if the electronic fan is rotating, or directly use a computer to drive the electronic fan. If not, determine whether it is a wiring problem or the electronic fan itself is damaged.

If there is no problem with the electronic fan, there is a lot of coolant, and the thermostat and water pump are not damaged, then the most likely thing is that the surface of the water tank is dirty and needs to be removed for cleaning. Many decades old cars have never washed or replaced their water tanks, which are very dirty. The surface is basically blocked by flocs, and the wind cannot pass through the water tank, which prevents the coolant from dissipating heat, resulting in high water temperature. After cleaning, the problem can be resolved.

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