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What harm does adding substandard gasoline have to the engine? Can a particularly cheap oil be used?

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The fuel cost of a car is the highest in terms of operating costs. Fifty cents per kilometer is considered fuel-efficient, while high fuel consumption can reach one yuan per kilometer. Driving ten thousand kilometers requires ten thousand yuan in fuel costs. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of using cars, many people will choose cheap private gas stations or individual sellers who do not even have gas stations to buy cheaper gasoline from individuals, some of which are still sold by barrel or by weight. Most cheap oils have this problem, will their oil quality be affected? Is there really a problem that could damage the engine? In fact, many people feel uneasy about adding cheap fuel. They just see that many people are going to add it, but they don't hear of any problems, so they go ahead and add it themselves.

Unqualified gasoline (1)

Firstly, it is best for individuals not to add oil to their hands. They should sell it by the barrel or by the pound, as they do not know the origin of the oil or whether they have tampered with it, and the probability of quality problems with the oil is very high. Of course, if you know the details and the source of the oil is not a problem, you can add it. Secondly, there are cheap small gas stations, most of which are without problems, but it cannot be ruled out that unscrupulous merchants may have purchased low-quality fuel or tampered with it themselves. The most serious thing is to sell the low label as the high label, 92 and 95 are actually the same. So when going to a private small gas station to refuel, if you don't know the merchant's background and whether you can add substandard gasoline, it depends on your luck.

       Unqualified gasoline (2)

Adding substandard fuel does not cause much damage to the engine in a short period of time. The biggest problem is that carbon deposits grow rapidly. Other cars only wash the throttle valve once every 20000 to 30000 kilometers, while your car may need to be washed every 10000 kilometers. So we can judge whether there is a problem with the oil from the perspective of carbon accumulation. If the car is used normally and the carbon accumulation grows very quickly, we need to consider the issue of oil. Secondly, there is a malfunction in the three-way catalysis. If a three-way catalysis malfunction occurs after using it for a period of time, it can basically be concluded that there is a problem with the oil you added. A friend of an automotive mechanic has encountered this situation where he added cheap fuel, but after more than 10000 kilometers, a fault code appeared with a three yuan catalytic converter. He went to a 4S store for repair, but although the warranty period did not expire, the 4S store refused to replace it for free due to problems with the fuel added. In the end, he washed it himself and it returned to normal.

       Unqualified gasoline (3)

So substandard gasoline can cause carbon deposits to occur faster, damaging the three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. As for whether there is any damage to the engine? Not necessarily, if the gasoline grade cannot be met, it will cause slight cylinder knocking and detonation, which will cause damage and accelerate the wear of the cylinder and piston, and shorten the engine life. In addition, poor gasoline can also have an impact on vehicle power, but the fuel quality is not too poor and I just can't feel it myself. Once I refueled a diesel car on the highway, but it experienced a significant decrease in power and the car couldn't run anymore. This was caused by the poor quality of the fuel. So although gas stations on highways may seem legitimate, there are also some that are fake. It's best for car owners who frequently run on highways to pay attention.

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