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ISO Standard Container Twist Lock for Semi Trailer and Truck Parts:

20+ years of experiences (since 1999)
Implementing IATF 16949-2016
Implementing ISO 9001-2015
Certification: Standard locking clearance
Feature 1: Convenient and flexible operation, high safety and long service life
Feature 2: Corrosion resistance, damp heat resistance, salt spray resistance


Application of twist lock

Container transportation is the safest way of modern cargo transportation. Safety is the "lifeline" of container transportation. Therefore, the container carrying more than ten tons of cargo must be connected and fixed with the vehicle body through a special lock. Semi-trailer vehicles engaged in container transportation are required to be equipped with the twist lock to secure the container.

A twist lock is a standardized rotating connector for securing shipping container. The semi trailer container twist lock main function is locking a container into place on container ship, semi-trailer truck or or railway container train; and for lifting of the containers by container cranes and side lifters.


QC management systemImplementing IATF16949-2016
Services quality management systemImplementing ISO9001-2015
Warranty12 months since shipping date
Raw material45# Steel, Casting Steel, Casting Iron
Feature:Convenient and flexible operation, high safety and long service life
Feature:Corrosion resistance, damp heat resistance, salt spray resistance
Twist lock headBy forging process
Twist lock boxBy Precision forging

Comprehensive Info of  twist locks:

typesEuropean type twist lock, ISO type twist lock
Interchangeable brands (Truck model)JOST, WONDEE, FUWA brand kingpin
ColorsRed, shinning black, dark black, grey, blue, As requirement.
Optional parts&ComponentsTwist lock pin, complete twist lock, Single Container Twist Lock,
Double Container Twist Lock, European type Screw locks
PackageFumigated wooden pallets,steel pallets, as requirement
Standards implementedIATF 16949, ISO9001-2015
PaymentTT, LC, DP
Lead timeAbout 25~35 working days
MOQ1 pcs


Twist lock (7)

(WONDEE ISO Standard Twist Lock for Semitrailers, Size: 150x150mm)


WONDEE Twist lock (1)

For the international container specifications, there are: 20-foot container and 40-foot container, 40-foot high container and 45-foot high container. According to different container specifications, transport vehicles are equipped with a corresponding quantity of twist locks, usually 4, 8, 10, or 12 pieces twist lock. A semi-trailer can be equipped with twist locks of the same type, or different types of twist locks can be used together, all for the purpose of ensuring that the container is tightly connected during transportation.

WONDEE Twist lock (3)WONDEE Twist lock (6)

There are many ways to connect the container twist lock to the trailer body. Some are directly welded to the vehicle body. The lock head can only rotate but cannot move longitudinally. This is called a fixed type;

Some twist locks are fixedly connected to the vehicle body through a bracket, the lock head can not only rotate but also longitudinally stretch, and when not in use, the lock head can be lowered below the bearing surface to suit different standard box types. This type is called lift type;

Some twist locks are hinged on the vehicle body or made to be movable, so that the fastening position can be adjusted, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of the vehicle;

WONDEE Twist lock (4)WONDEE Twist lock (5)

When the container is hoisted onto the semi trailer loading surface, the corner fitting hole at the bottom of the container just falls at the position where the twist lock is installed. By rotating the handle of the twist lock, the lock head will be fixed at a specified corner position (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees) ) To make the twist lock in a locked state. For the lift type twist lock, push the handle longitudinally to raise the lock head, extend into the inner cavity of the bottom corner piece of the container, and then rotate to a specified angle to lock the corner of the container. Some swivel locks are equipped with a tightening device. By tightening, the lock head can press down on the bottom surface of the inner cavity of the corner piece to prevent the corner of the box from lifting, which ensures that the locking is more secure and reliable.


WONDEE Twist lock (2)

Besides semi trailer Twist lock, WONDEE also Supply different types of semi trailer components as below:




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