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30L 40L 50L 60L Steel Air Tank for Semi Trailers and Trucks

20+ years of experiences (since 1999)
Implementing IATF 16949-2016
Implementing ISO 9001-2015
Body Welding: Adopt diameter reduction process to make firm matching and welding with the cylinder body
Ports welding: Adopt resistance-welded to keep strength and leak protection
Painting: Adopt E-coating after acid cleaning and phosphating, providing long-lasting rust protection
Date-coded: Each tank is date-coded for traceability


Application of WONDEE air tanks

Vehicles with air brake system will be equipped with air tank, which is the air storage device in the automobile brake system. The air tank is used to store the compressed gas pumped out by the air compressor (air pump), and is used for automobile braking, whistle and other systems.

The air inlet of the air tank is connected to the exhaust port of the air compressor through a joint and a brake hose. The oil and water are separated by the sudden expansion of the compressed air and stored at the bottom of the air tank, thus achieving the effect of oil-water and air separation.

The air tank is equipped with a safety valve to prevent failure of the pressure regulating device. The air pressure in the air tank shall not exceed 833 KPa. The safety valve is composed of valve seat, steel ball, spring seat, spring, valve body, adjusting bolt and lock nut. When the air pressure in the air tank exceeds the pre tightening tension of the safety valve spring, the compressed air will push the steel ball, the gas will be discharged through the exhaust hole, and the air pressure in the air tank will drop. The adjusting bolt can be used to adjust the air pressure value specified by the safety valve.

For the air tank with front and rear circuits, its air inlet is directly connected to the air compressor, and air outlets are respectively connected to the front and rear chambers of the double air chamber through joints and brake hoses to supply air for front and rear wheel braking.

The air inlet of each air tank is equipped with a one-way valve, which only allows the air compressor to charge the air tank, and the compressed air in the air tank cannot flow back to the air compressor to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.

The bottom of each air tank is equipped with a drain switch to discharge oil and water in time to ensure the normal operation of the braking system.

The drainage interval of the air tank shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the vehicle operation manual, and different models and different use stages shall be treated differently. Frequent inspection and drainage are good for the vehicle braking system.


QC management systemImplementing IATF16949-2016
Services quality management systemImplementing ISO9001-2015
Product technical standardsImplementing GB/T 5909-2009
Warranty14 month since ship date
Quality testingPressure tested for leak resistance, structural integrity and safety
Raw materialCharacteristics of the steels chosen: good ductility, resistance and weldability,
Sealing head weldingThe sealing heads at both ends  adopt the diameter reduction process, to make the matching and welding with the cylinder body more firm.
Body weldingThe circular seam and straight seam are welded by carbon dioxide gas shielded automatic welding, ensuring firmly welded, beautiful and clean
Ports weldingAdopt resistance-welded to keep strength and leak protection
paintingAfter acid cleaning and phosphating, the inside and outside  is cleaned by E-coating. The appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the interior  is not easy to rust.

Comprehensive Info of  Air Tank:

Size40L, 45L, 46L, 50L, 60L
ColorsSliver, while, red, black, blue, as requirement.
PackageCarton box, Fumigated wooden pallets, as requirement
Standards implementedIATF 16949, ISO9001-2015
PaymentTT, LC, DP
Lead timeAbout 20~30 working days
MOQ1 pcs


WONDEE air tank

WONDEE Steel Air Tanks for Semi Trailers:

Item No. Volume(L) Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
WDAT003001 30 246 700
WDAT003002 30 276 565
WDAT004001 40 246 900
WDAT004002 40 276 740
WDAT004003 40 310 600
WDAT005001 50 300 720
WDAT006001 60 246 1330
WDAT006002 60 276 1090
WDAT006003 60 310 875
WDAT006004 60 396 560
WDAT008001 80 310 1100
WDAT008002 80 396 730


WONDEE air tank production process

Air tank production process:

  1. End cap: Steel material-Stretching-Hoel punching-Necking-Joint welding-Picking and phosphating-End cap finished production

  2. Tank body: Steel material-Hoel punching-body rolling-Longitudinal seam welding-Picking and phosphating-Tank body finished production

  3. End cap and tank body: Double ring welding-Air tank finished producton.

WONDEE air tank detail


WONDEE Air tank packing

Besides semi trailer air tanks, WONDEE Autoparts also supply different types of semi trailer components as below:




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